Public Safety

September 29, 2020

Safety & Reform Community Compliance Council


Welcome and Introductions

Judge John West

  1. Discussion of Lessons Learned Five Years Later

Crime Trend Update/Burglary Project

Crime Analyst Michael Zidar
Director James Whalen

Public Safety Portal/Managerial Dashboard

Crime Analyst Michael Zidar
Director James Whalen

Off-Campus Traffic Stops, Complaints and Uses of Force 

Director James Whalen

Discussion/future meeting schedule

Judge John West




Bishop Bobby Hilton
Michael Zidar
Edward Koen
Gregory Baker
Charlene Ventura
Jack Martin
Judge John West
Margaret Fox
Logan Lindsay
Terri Theetge
Kish Richardson

UC Administration:

James Whalen
Dudley Smith
Robin Engel
Kawanda Dedrick-Thomas
David Brinker
Rodney Carter
Jeffrey Thompson
Bleuzette Marshall     

Welcome and Introductions

Judge John West

Kish Richardson - Introduced himself and discussed the role of Black Roundtable and USBA

Crime Trend Update/Burglary Project

Mike Zidar

Crime around campus; See Power Point Presentation

Waffle house shut down

More police presence in the area

Director Whalen – pandemic natural factor reduced property crime driver why city crimes are down more than just pandemic effect

Massive increase in motor vehicle thefts involving food delivery drivers; running in to get food leave keys; June – August 1 tremendous amount of these issues.  CPD gotten involved more

Mass majority is non-UC victims; vehicles being recovered in area; preventable by taking your keys with you; Director Whalen- issues by juveniles; pull over and notify city, don’t chase not want someone hurt over it.

Charlene Ventura – asked about sexual assault; Sexual assaults are down too.  Accounts for issue we would typically see on campus.

Discussion of Lessons Learned Five Years Later

Public Safety Portal/Managerial Dashboard 

Director Whalen

Police Officers – how busy, contact card issues, management capacity is better than seen in Director Whalen’s career

Mike Zidar – see presentation

Contact card report any nonconsensual stop contact card filled out, now digitally filled out any point of month anyone in org can look at the data, printable nice format; each officer has their own profile – pic with everything we need to know about that officer, radio runs, contact card data, look at their day in terms of like a planner; put on a calendar made visible, see calls they’re on, command staff can see all data associated in addition to their day.

Works for any of our officers; any time frame any officer; don’t know of any other agency that has this capability.

Judge West – Do Security Officers have this profile? Yes example shown any person that has a log in or part of the organization has one.  How long do we keep this information;

Director Whalen – years; can request a time period and go to that employee’s calendar and pull data; this is data/source dependant; holistic view of data to look back over the years is importation.  Eventually be able to look at entire career of an officer

Judge West - Entries made daily?  Yes, complete report, submit system picks it up in approximately 15 minutes; helps to track outliers

Greg Baker – where do we generate from sources?

Mike Zidar – supervisor log sheet entries; how much time officer spend on street or station

Records management system and CAD system used as sources

Greg Baker – self initiated activity; should be called out CAD should be ARMS report

Robin Engel – training for supervisor and how are we tracking whether the supervisors using it; expectations

Dudley Smith – Mike has gone over dashboard entirely with supervisors; mike has built in audit and supervisor meets monthly and entered into guardian tracking

Robin Engel – How do you determine or set threshholds to direct supervisor to concentrate on?

Mike Zidar – we look at amount of time officer spend (ten days) on street able to do police work; ration of time to product; # of UCPD contact cards is very low right now; This is used in roll call everyday; don’t have to wait on a report at any time always available;

Robin Engel – cutting edge; proud of Mike; racial and ethnic desparities are important; how to use this and how to see if some of our officers are outliers;

Mike Zidar -  the moment supervisor sees a pattern of behavior, ability to look at contact cards we can see individual report and stats; ambiguity in the data; now supervisors are mandated to look at the data; Mike leaves it up to Jim and Dudley to make that call.  Starts with education, look at holistic pic of officer; remedied with training, dismissal bad intentions and bad heart agency will be done with that employee; find out why its occurring

Robin Engel – took look at traffic stops 3-4 weeks put data in place demonstrated officer outlier Tensing

Greg Baker – agree with Robin; good stuff tracking officer behavior; top of line technology to save the integrity of agency; officers know that they are being monitored CAD; have all data is wonderful but if not used by supervisor not a lot of worth or value; what are we doing to help supervisor identify that an officer is going off track?  What do yougive the supervisors to reward or intervene with

Director Whalen – antibias themes built in training descalation skills taught; activity is all the way up the chain including Jim; supervisor meeting best efforts put forward;

Greg Baker – size of agency makes a difference; chief should know his people

Off-Campus Traffic Stops, Complaints and Uses of Force 

See Power Point Presentation

USE OF FORCE (UOF) - see Powerpoint Presentation

Campus Events

No fans; no problems

2 home football games so far; no parade no festivities for homecoming

Significant Personnel Actions – SEE PRESENTATION

Jack Martin – Are there any furloughed officers? Director Whalen - mandated to keep budget flat not increase cost unrepresented go no bonus or increase; approached unions to forgo raises all agreed to take a zero this year; vacancies

Jack Martin – UC employed off campus

Charlene Ventura – race/gender of current staff? Statistics provided

Citizen Complaints

Director Whalen – See Power Point Presentation

Ohio Collaboration – See Power Point Presentation

Director Whalen –Polly and Ellison had a great interaction with the Arlitt Daycare Center kids

Future Meeting Schedule

December 8, 2020