Public Safety

University of Cincinnati Safety & Reform Community Advisory Council Statement of Guiding Principles

The University of Cincinnati is pleased that you have accepted our invitation to serve as a member of the Community Advisory Council (CAC). CAC’s purpose is two-fold: (1) To advise the UC Vice President for Safety and Reform on developing UCPD’s reform agenda as well as tracking its progress and communicating its impact; and (2) To assist the UCPD Director of Police Community Relations in building, enhancing and expanding UCPD’s relationships with our diverse local communities. The CAC is considered an integral partner to assist the UCPD in becoming a national model for best practices in urban university policing. We value your time, guidance and input in this critical work. The CAC is comprised of various members of our larger community in an effort to promote diversity of thought, ideas, and information exchange.

We trust that the collective work of the CAC will promote our core principles of transparency, legitimacy, fairness, collaboration, and innovation. To enhance our working relationships, we request that you consider and agree to the following Statement of Guiding Principles for the CAC:

  • The various views and perspectives of our community that you represent are needed and expected through your participation. 
  • Members are expected to provide insight and guidance as the University attempts to improve both the operation and public perception of the UCPD. We anticipate that this contribution will take the form of the innovative development and discussion of ideas, solutions and strategies toward improving the UCPD. 
  • Members are expected to approach each meeting with the singular purpose of assisting the University in moving forward. 
  • It is expected that CAC members will contribute to discussions and dialogue in a collaborative, civil and respectful manner. 
  • To maintain the integrity of the work performed by the Council, each member is expected to exercise his/her own judgment guided by the best interests of the University and the stated purpose of the CAC. 
  • The only remuneration that a member will receive is the personal satisfaction in knowing that they have provided meaningful contributions to the University of Cincinnati community and to the improvement of the UCPD specifically. 
  • Although members are free to bring their own ideas, each member should refrain from discussing the deliberations of the CAC outside of the Council meetings until a definitive decision or consensus has been reached. 
  • Members are expected to attend all meetings scheduled by the Chair, and communicate directly with the Chair when such participation is not possible. 
  • Members have been selected for participation on the CAC based on contributions to the Cincinnati community or affiliation with specifically affected groups. As such, members should refrain from sending a proxy or other designee to a CAC meeting.