Public Safety

June 30, 2020

Safety & Reform Community Compliance Council


Welcome and Administrative Matters

Judge John West

President Neville Pinto

UCPD Reform Update

Director James Whalen

COVID-19 Update

Director James Whalen

Significant Personnel Actions

Director James Whalen

Off-Campus Traffic Stops, Complaints and Uses of Force

Director James Whalen



Bishop Bobby Hilton
James Whalen
John West
Dudley Smith
Neville Pinto
Edward Dadosky
Edward Koen
Rodney Carter
David Hoffman
Kennerly Newlin
Terri Theetge
Jeffrey Thompson
Bleuzette Marshall
Charlene Ventura
Robin Engel
J Phillip Holloman
Logan Lindsey
Kenneth Davis
Jack Martin

Welcome and Administrative Matters and Introduction of Guests

Judge John West

Neville Pinto, President, University of Cincinnati
J Phillip Holloman, Board of Trustee Member, University of Cincinnati

President Neville Pinto

President Pinto acknowledged the importance of the current moment. He expressed that we cannot let incidents like the killing of George Floyd (and many others) happen again, and talked about the importance of treating people correctly. He shared about work being done by people in several colleges here at the University to produce an accessible and up-to-date set of plans for police departments around the region and country to use in making changes moving forward. He acknowledged the work of UCPD to become the very best for everyone in our community. He also mentioned some initiatives to improve diversity and inclusion within the University, including updates to performance evaluations and a review of curriculum.

Director Whalen addressed several points specific to UCPD. He reiterated our commitment to reform, and that UCPD voluntarily engaged in an external monitorship and accomplished all 276 reform recommendations. He explained how UCPD already complies with eight common policing reform demands (bias and implicit bias training, banning chokeholds, required de-escalation training, body-worn cameras, comprehensive use of force reporting, not using military equipment, duty of officers to intervene in excessive force, and discarding the use of force continuum). He also shared about the two student-led demonstrations which UCPD helped to facilitate and the willingness of UCPD to meet with student representatives to discuss racial justice and UCPD policy. 

Several members of the council acknowledged the work of UCPD, with at least one specific mention of front-line officers, in making UCPD such an outstanding agency. Several of the council members expressed that they wanted to share UCPD's story with a broader audience because of its relevance in improving policing in our country.

Logan Lindsay, UC Student Body President, expressed his appreciation for UCPD's help during the demonstrations.

Burglary Reduction Initiative - See presentation

  • Off – campus traffic stops       four
  • Uses/displays of force            four
  • Policy violations                      one

Personnel Changes

Chief Herold took the position of Chief in Boulder, CO. The CCC expressed what a pleasure it has been to work with her and their appreciation for the important work she has led us through. Director Whalen will serve as the Chief once Chief Herold leaves.

Items of Interest

The council heard about the efforts the University and the Department of Public Safety are making to keep the University community safe during COVID-19, especially as plans are being made for a return to campus. President Pinto reiterated the importance of mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing as practical measures we should all be taking to keep our entire community safe.

Please see power point slides

Regarding Safety and Reform, Robin Engel commented that the University of Cincinnati is a national model for the rest of the country. 

Please see power point slides

Bishop Hilton expressed that he’s proud of the product created in Cincinnati and asked how to get this model out to the rest of the nation. 

J Phillip Holloman discussed how to run a pilot and how to get this information and attitude in this region progressing with the help of the Urban League.

Director Whalen and Judge West also discussed how to get the story out and invited Robin Engel to get a peer review article put out to the region.

Future Meeting Schedule

Judge John West

  • Advised that the next CCC meeting will be in three months
  • Meeting adjourned