Campus Recreation Center’s Climbing Wall offers members and event groups an exciting way to build confidence and teamwork, as well as providing an enjoyable workout. Our Climbing Wall consists of two, 28' and four, 40' top rope climbing areas to accommodate multiple users.

  • NICROS Inc. WestCoast Wall offers varied terrain and features that provide a full spectrum of climbing experiences. The "naturals" in the wall give the climber the option to use the wall or the standard climbing holds to navigate routes.
  • The Bouldering Wall is an expertly carved surface that enables climbers to feel as if they are climbing on natural rock.
  • The climbing and bouldering walls' areas total approximately 2,000 square feet of climbing space.
  • All harness and shoe rentals are FREE!
  • Staff will be on-hand to belay members, however those who would like to belay must register for and complete a Belay Certification Clinic or perform a skills test-out for $5.
  • The Climbing Wall is available for rental and a great place to host a Birthday Party!
All Campus Recreation instructional classes are non-credit.

Register in person for all classes and competitions at the Climbing Wall or Member Services Desk, online using My Member Services or by phone at 513-556-0604.

Climbing Clinics

Climbing 101

This four week course will prepare participants to feel comfortable entering any climbing gym. Staff will focus on technique and terminology and engage participants in a variety of climbing exercises. Classes will be held weekly on Mondays and Tuesdays.  No classes on UC holidays or breaks.

  • $35 /members
  • $50 /non-members

Course Dates

Session 1

  • Mondays - September 11 - October 2 
  • Tuesdays - September 12 - October 3 

Session 2

  • Mondays - October 9 - October 30 
  • Tuesdays - October 10 - October 31

Course Outline

  • Week 1 Introduction, equipment, definitions,route reading and etiquette
  • Week 2 Bouldering, technique, problem reading, training using feet and sit starts
  • Week 3 Belay Certification Part 1
  • Week 4 Belay Certification Part 2 and Top rope climbing

Experience Level

This course is suited best for beginner to intermediate climbers. Beginning climbers will learn the basics of climbing while intermediate climbers will be able to refine skills.

At the end of the course, participants will:

  1. Gain an understanding of basic climbing technique, commands and skills
  2. Be certified to belay at the Campus Recreation Center*
  3. Learn training techniques needed to continuously improve skill

*Participants must pass the Campus Recreation Center belay skills tests in order to be certified to belay at the Campus Recreation Center. Belay Certification is valid for one calendar year. Participants can perform a skills test-out for $5 to get a recertification. You must have perviously been certified at the Campus Recreation Center. 

Belay Certification Clinic

Participants in this instructional program are taught the proper belaying procedures and are held to the same standards as staff. Having the certification allows members to belay for each other without being dependent on CRC staff every time they wish to climb.

  • $20 /members
  • $25 /non-members
  • Belay Certification Clinics are offered at the Climbing Wall on the following dates:
    • Wednesday, September 27,2023
    • Wednesday, October 25,2023
    • Wednesday, November 8,2023
  • No Belay clinics on UC holidays or breaks.


verb: / bi’lā /  the act of tending a climber’s rope to take out slack and secure a fall. The belayer is the person securing the climber.

  • Belay Certification Clinics are one 60 minute class. Participants will be required to return to the wall at least 24 hours after this completed class to take a practical belay skills test.
  • Participants who complete the class and skills tests will be certified to belay at the Campus Recreation Center for one calendar year.
  • Participants who fail any portion of the class, or associated test will need to re-take (and re-pay the fee) the Belay Certification Clinic.

Climb Night Series 

Test your bouldering skills at one of our climb night events. These events are a laid-back way to meet others. Each event will have a theme. All levels of experience are welcome. Registration is required.

Program Dates

  • Night 1: Thursday, September 7, 2023 Theme: Beginner's Night
  • Night 2: Thursday, October 5, 2023 Theme: LGBTQ's Night
  • Night 3: Thursday, November 2, 2023 Theme: Women's Night

Mile High Club

Love to climb?  Want your own Mile High Club t-shirt?  Visit the Climbing Wall 20 times during the designated time period to earn the coveted Campus Recreation Mile High Club t-shirt.

  • $20 for members
  • $25 for non-members

Mile High Club Rules

  • Attempts must be made from October 1 - 31, 2023.
  • All participants must complete 20 hours at the wall to recieve a T-shirt.
  • Climbing Wall staff will provide log sheets to registered members only.
  • Climbing Wall staff member must sign off on the visit once the participant leaves for the day.
  • Campus Recreation staff has final say in all disputed matters.
  • All participants must abide by Campus Recreation policies and procedures. 
  • All participants who complete the challenge will receive a T-shirt.

Bouldering Competitions

Bouldering competitions consist of climbing short problems with the emphasis on number of problems completed. 

Fall 2023 Bouldering Comp

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Entry Fee

  • $30 for members,
  • $35 for non-members


  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Competitors under the age of 18 must have a parent/legal guardian sign the waiver


  • Men’s, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced winners
  • Women’s Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced winners


Register in person for all classes and competitions at the Climbing Wall or Member Services Desk, online using My Member Services or by phone at 513-556-0604.

  • Campus Recreation climbing staff must be present in order for members to climb or be in the climbing area.
  • All participants must read and understand the climbing rules and sign a Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk before being allowed to climb.
  • Climbers must be 5 years of age and older and able to fit into a child harness. Please Note: Minors (climbers 17 years of age and younger) must have a parent’s or legal guardian’s signature on all forms. Climbers 13 years of age and younger must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Climbers must be 15 years of age and older to take a belay clinic. Please Note: Individuals who have a history of epilepsy or any other condition that could alter level of consciousness are not eligible to take a belay clinic or belay at the wall. Please ask the climbing staff if you are unsure if you fit into this category.
  • Climbers’ pockets must be empty.

Items and activities prohibited in the climbing wall area: swinging or jumping on ropes, climbing into a position where you are eye level or higher with top anchors, grabbing bolt hangers (bolt hangers are for carabiner attachment only).

  • Belayers must lower climbers in a smooth and controlled manner.
  • Belayers must keep their brake hand on the rope at all times.
  • Belay from a standing position only.
  • Climbers should not step under or over an active belay.
  • A follow-through figure-eight knot is required to tie in a climber.
  • Please report any injury or unsafe climbing wall conditions to climbing staff immediately.
  • The number of climbers at any one time may be limited to ensure proper supervision.
  • The Campus Recreation Center climbing staff reserves the right to refuse wall access for the following reasons, including but not limited to:
  • Use of dangerous climbing techniques
  • Suspected recent use of alcohol or other drugs
  • Use of unsafe or unacceptable climbing gear   
  • Boulder climbers are not required to have the ability to belay. Otherwise, all climbing wall policies, rules, and regulations apply to bouldering.
  • Campus Recreation strongly recommends the use of spotters while bouldering. We encourage climbers to ask climbing staff about proper spotting techniques. 
  • Climbers cannot boulder more than 10’ above the floor.
  • Climbers must check in at the Climbing Wall Desk before bouldering. 
  • Climbers may not boulder above or below any other climbers.
  • Climbers, with the exception of climbing staff, may not switch holds. Climbing staff may switch holds only when necessary.