Pro Shop

The pro shop is located at the member services desk at the entry to the recreation center

Forget something, have a broken racquet, or need a quick protein fix? The Pro-Shop at the Member Services desk has you covered!

*All sales are final.  

Pro Shop Items and Prices
Food & Drink Price  
Aquafina $1.49  
Gatorlyte $2.99  
Gatorade $2.49  
Gatorade Protein Bars $2.99  
Muscle Milk Protein Shake
Naked Juice $3.99  
Locks Price  
Combination Locks $7.99  
Keyed Locks $11.99  
Miscellaneous Price  
Face Covering $2.49  
Hair Ties $0.25  
Water Bottle $7.99  
Raquet Sports Price  
Badminton Raquet $14.99  
Raquetball Balls (3 Pack)
Raquetball Eyewear $14.99  
Shuttlecocks (6 Pack) $16.99  
Squashballs (3 Pack) $10.99  
Swim Price  
Swim Caps $11.99  
Swim Goggles $19.99  
Workout Equipment Price  
Boxing Hand Wraps
Footballs $24.99  
Yoga Mats (Various Colors)
Yoga Straps $9.99