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Summer 2 Intramural Offerings

July 8 - August 1
League Early Bird Registration
Team Fee
Early Bird Registration Registration
Team Fee
Play Begins
Pickleball FREE N/A FREE June 10 - July 1 July 10
Lunchtime Pickleball FREE N/A FREE June 10 - July 1 July 10
Sand Volleyball - 4v4 FREE N/A FREE June 10 - July 1 July 8
Lunchtime Pickleball FREE N/A FREE May 13 - May 29 June 5
Soccer - 5v5 FREE N/A FREE June 10 - July 1 July 8
Badminton Tournament FREE N/A FREE June 10 - July 23 July 25
Spikeball Tournament FREE N/A FREE June 10 - July 9 July 11

How to Participate/Register

  1. Log in to your Rec Automation account
    • UC students, faculty or staff must click: Click Login with SSO    
  2. Select Register for Programs on the left navigation menu
  3. Search by program name, by category, or by day(s) of week
  4. Select the program you want to register for, then click the green Sign Up button to register and select the correct option
  5. When you are ready to check out, click View Cart in the top right
  6. Review your cart and check out!

NOTE: All Intramural registrations will still be using IMLeagues for team creation, rosters, schedule postings, and league updates

NOTE: For Free Summer Intramurals, please begin at step 2 [below] of our process

  1. Login to the UC IMLeagues website. If you do not have an account, select Create Account  at the top of the page.
  2. Select Register in the middle of the page.
  3. Scroll down and select the sport and league that you registered for (e.g., Open Basketball).
  4. Select Create Team and choose your division preferences. It is recommended you choose multiple division choices in case your first-choice division fills.
  5. Your team's status will default to Pending.  An administrator will change it to Confirmed and move it to the night you paid for within one to three business days of your payment.

*Registration on IMLeagues prior to payment does not hold a spot in the desired league/division.

Your team must have the required number of players CONFIRMED (see below) on your roster on IMLeagues by registration close  Rosters are able to be edited freely, however, players may not play for multiple teams in one league or switch teams within a league.

Minimum number of confirmed players on IMLeagues roster required by sport:

  • Basketball (3v3) - Three
  • Basketball (5v5) - Five
  • Flag Football (7v7) - Seven
  • Kickball - Nine
  • Pickleball (Doubles) - Two
  • Soccer (7v7) - Seven
  • Soccer (11v11) - Eleven
  • Softball - Nine
  • Ultimate Frisbee - Five
  • Volleyball (4v4) - Four
  • Volleyball (6v6) - Six

Crosstown Championship Series

Each year the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University Intramural Sports departments face-off in the Crosstown Intramural Champions Series! This event features each university's Intramural Spring Basketball - 5v5 champions in a best of four series. This event is FREE of charge to spectators and participants.

2025 Intramural Crosstown Championship Series

  • Date: TBA
  • University of Cincinnati
  • 6:45p-11p
  • FREE

Series History

All-Time: Series Tied 4-4
  • 2024 - XU 2-2
  • 2023 - UC 3-1
  • 2022 - UC 2-1
  • 2019 - XU 3-2
  • 2018 - XU 3-2
  • 2017 - UC 3-2
  • 2016 - UC 4-1
  • 2015 - XU 4-1