Tennis Rules

Any intramural policies not mentioned here may be found in the Intramural Handbook. Unless specifically mentioned below, intramural futsal play is governed by USTA tennis rules. By participating in Intramural Sports, the participant agrees to abide by all Intramural rules and policies. 

You may suffer physical and/or mental injury from participating in Intramural Sports. There are certain risks of injury that are inherent to participation in sports and recreational activities. These types of injuries may be minor or serious and may result from the actions or inactions of themselves or others. By choosing to participate in Intramural Sports, you do so at your own risk. It is understood that most activities require a certain level of fitness and health, and that each person has a different capacity for participating in these activities. Participants of Intramural Sports are highly encouraged to have a physical examination and procure health insurance prior to play. UC Campus Recreation does not provide health insurance.

Intramural Supervisors undergo concussion recognition training. In the instance a participant is exhibiting any signs or symptoms of a concussion as a result of a head injury sustained during intramural play, he or she will be removed from the activity. This individual must provide a physician’s note clearing the individual to play by a specific date. This note may be e-mailed to or faxed to 513-556-0601.


To be eligible for intramural sports, each player must possess an active membership to the University of Cincinnati Campus Recreation Center AND be a current University of Cincinnati student (enrolled in at least one (1) credit hour), faculty, or staff member.

2.2 Club Sport Players


Competitive club sport players and former varsity athletes may not participate on an intramural (recreational) league team in the same or a similar sport as their club/varsity sport.


For sports with five (5) or more players on the playing field at one time, a team is limited to two (2) competitive club sport participants (in the same or similar sport) on its’ roster.


For sports with four (4) or less players on the playing field at one time, a team is limited to one (1) competitive club sport participant (in the same or similar sport) on its’ roster.

2.3 Varsity Athletes In the Same Or Similar Intramural Sport


Current varsity athletes are not allowed to play on an intramural team of the same or a similar sport as their varsity sport.


Former varsity athletes must sit out 365 days from last appearing on a varsity roster to be eligible to play in the same or similar sport as their varsity sport. Teams are allowed one (1) former varsity athlete (in the same or similar sport) per roster.


Jewelry is prohibited across all intramural sports. This includes, but is not limited to, piercings, necklaces, rings, wrist fitness trackers, watches, and bracelets.


Medical jewelry is allowed but must be taped down.


Billed hats are prohibited in all sports except softball.


Athletic clothing and footwear is required. Prohibited items include, but is not limited to: jeans, cargo pants/shorts, skirts, loafers, open-toed shoes, and boots. Indoor sports require non-marking footwear. For outdoor field sports, detachable or metal cleats are prohibited.


Any casts, braces, or other protective equipment must be padded and secure.


Captain’s Meeting


Tennis participants are exempt from the team representative meetings each season. Participants will be e‐mailed instructions for tennis play.




Tennis participants are exempt from the team representative meetings each season. Participants will be e‐mailed instructions for tennis play.


Players will be given a contact list with player e-mail addresses and phone numbers.


Players are responsible for contacting their opponents and scheduling a time to play. UC Intramurals does not reserve courts for participants.


Reporting Scores


You will have one week to play a match and report scores.


Scores should be reported via e‐mail to


If no score is reported, it will be recorded as a double forfeit.




All players are responsible for obtaining all equipment including tennis rackets and tennis balls. UC will not supply any equipment. Both players should bring at least one can of tennis balls.


Format: Four regular season matches and then you will be seeded into a single elimination playoff bracket.


Officiating: All tennis play is self-officiated.


All matches will consist of a “best 2 out of 3” sets format. All 3 sets will be played to a tiebreak.


A set will continue until a player wins 6 games and wins by a 2 game advantage.


At 5-5, a player can win by winning the next to games (7-5).


At 6-6, players will play a tiebreak.


A game will continue until a player wins 4 points and wins by a 2 point advantage. Scoring is as follows:

  • No point: “Love”
  • 1 point: “15”
  • 2 points: “30”
  • 3 points: “40”
  • 4 points: “Game”
  • If players reach a score of 40-40 in a game, the score is “Deuce.”  Whoever wins the next point will earn the “Advantage.”  If that same player wins the next point, he or she will win the game.  If he or she does not win the next point, the score will regress to “Deuce.”  At 40-40, players must win 2 consecutive points to win the game.


The first player to 7 points will win the set. Players must win the tiebreak by at least 2 points.


Players will switch sides every 6 point.


Players will switch sides after the first game, and every 2 games thereafter. Players will also switch sides after each set.


Balls landing on any part of the line are considered IN.


Serves that hit any part of the net and go over in-bounds will be considered a “let,” and the player will be allowed to retry the serve. If it is the first-serve, the player will have 2 chances to serve. If it is the second-serve, the player will have 1 chance to serve.


Players will conduct a coin toss prior to play to determine choice of serve, receive, or side.


The server must notify the other player of the score prior to each serve.


Any instance where an outside object or person interferes with game play can be deemed a “replay” by both players.