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Facility Information

We have modified hours on all holidays observed by the university. Please be sure to check the Hours & Schedules page or call Member Services, 513-556-0604, to find out more information about alternate hours.

Find the current hours on the Climbing Wall hours page.  You can also find the current hours for all CRC facilities on the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) hours page.

Although the CRC classrooms are located in the same building as the Rec Center, they are not inside the Rec Center. By taking the steps or elevator located off of MainStreet, you will have access to all classrooms located in the CRC.

The suspended track is 1/8 of a mile; one must run 8 laps (in the outside lane) to equal one mile.

The only varsity team that uses our facility for regular practices and/or competitions is UC Swimming and Diving. The pools remain open during their practices with lanes available for members; any closure for meets will be posted in advance.

The glass doors are for emergency use only, the alarm will sound if they are opened.

No; however in lieu of an EMT or an on-site trainer, all staff members in leadership positions are required to be CPR, AED and First Aid certified. Our vicinity to the local hospitals and our emergency action plan helps us respond to all emergencies as quickly as possible.  


Members are permitted to use an alternate form of photo-identification (e.g., driver’s license, passport, etc.).

If a student has lost their UC ID, he/she must obtain a new ID from Public Safety for a fee. If a member has lost their CRC ID, they will need to purchase a new ID from Campus Recreation for a $10 fee.

Campus Recreation is not permitted to print UC IDs. If your UC ID is lost, stolen or damaged, you will need to go to Public Safety in order to acquire a new ID.

Membership, Student and Guest Access

Because part-time students only pay a portion of the Campus Life Fee, there is a $60/semester charge to use the facility.

Charges will be pro-rated two times throughout the semester.

Because branch students and co-op students do not pay the Campus Life Fee, there is a $120/semester charge to use the facility.

Charges will be pro-rated two times throughout the semester.

Campus Recreation access for medical students is based on the medical school terms. Access is granted from the Sunday before classes begin until the Saturday before the next term begins. Summer memberships can be purchased for $130/semester or $15/week.

The parents of your kids' friends will need to sign waivers of liability via email. Each guest pass is $12, and you will need an ID and a waiver for yourself and your kids, if you haven't already signed one.  Kids aged 14 years and older are required to provide a photo ID (a school ID suffices) to gain entrance to Campus Recreation.

Any guests 18 years of age or older may sponsor up to two minors at one time. 

All guests are welcome at the Campus Recreation Center and the Fitness Center at CARE/Crawley. All day passes are $12/day. Guests must provide a photo ID and sign a waiver of liability to enter the facility.

Members who bring guests are responsible for them while they are using the facility.  Any guests 18 years of age or older may sponsor up to two minors at one time.

All guests aged 14 years and older are required to provide a photo ID (a school ID suffices) to gain entrance to Campus Recreation. 

Campus Recreation offers a number of short-term memberships.  For more information please see the membership page of our website. 

Cancellation and Membership Freezes

Complete a Membership Cancellation form online. All cancellations MUST be submitted through our website.

Cancellation forms must be turned in by the 15th of the month prior to the month that you would like to cancel. Cancellations during the initial one-year contract will be assessed a $75 cancellation fee.

Annual memberships may be maintained as inactive for a $5 monthly fee, for a minimum of two months. Months paid at a $5 rate do not count towards the completion of an annual contract. Current membership rates will be applied to all reactivated memberships. Submit a Membership Freeze form online.


Parking is not automatically included in your membership, however it is available to all Community, Affiliate and Alumni members as well as their spouses, domestic partners and/or legal dependents. Pricing and eligibility information can be found under Membership. UC students, faculty, and staff must purchase parking through UC Parking Services.

Parking is only to be used while in the Recreation Center or Fitness Center. This is monitored on a monthly basis. Misuse will result in immediate termination of parking privileges.

Lockers, Towels & Rentals

There is no fee for day-use lockers; they can be utilized on a first-come first-served basis.  When using a locker at the Campus Recreation Center, a member just needs to bring a lock.

If the member does not have a lock, they are available for purchase at the Member Services Desk.

Locks and belongings must be removed from day use lockers by closing on the day of use.

Semester and annual rental lockers are available to our members. Additional information can be found at the Member Services Desk.

The CARE/Crawley facility also utilizes day-use lockers and rental lockers. 

Towel service is available in both of our facilities! We have daily, semester and annual rates. We also have the option to purchase a towel punch pass that is valid for 1 year from the time of purchase.

We do not rent racquetball or badminton racquets or balls/birdies.  These items are available for purchase from the Pro Shop at Member Services.

You are responsible for the basketball YOU checked out. If you leave the basketball behind and we collect it at the end of the night, you will be assessed a $5 fee.

If the basketball you checked out is lost or stolen a $40 replacement fee will be assessed. All fees must be settled before you will be allowed access back into the facility.

Group Fitness

Yes, group fitness is an included opportunity for every member to participate in with no additional cost!

Group fitness classes are offered each semester on a weekly set schedule. Registration is required for all group fitness classes; however, it is free to attend. With limited space, our classes tend to fill up quickly, so we recommend signing up for a class as soon as registration opens.

Premium classes  are progressive in nature and require enrollment at the start of each session. For a small fee, premium classes afford the personalized approach that training does but within the group setting of a class.

Registration is required for all Group Fitness classes.  Information for registration on IMLeagues can be found on our Group Fitness Registration page.  


Although there is not a pool at the Fitness Center at CARE/Crawley, all members have access to the aquatic facilities at the Campus Recreation Center.

The pool is located on the lower level of the CRC. Follow along the basketball courts and you will see the aquatics sign to the left. Go through two sets of double doors to enter the aquatics area.

The aquatic center offers group and private swim lessons for pre-school, youth and adults. We also offer aquatic fitness classes. Private rentals are also available. Visit the Aquatics page for a full list of activities.

The Keating Aquatic Center (KAC) is not an easy pool to swim backstroke in. The architecturally-unique design of the ceilings does not allow for a point of focus to follow when swimming backstroke; swimmers need to use the lane lines and back stroke flags.

Intramural Sports

  1. Pick a Sport and develop your team.
  2. Pay the team fee online or in person at the Campus Recreation Center Administrative Suite (located on the east side of the Campus Recreation Center) during the registration period.
  3. Register your team on our intramural scheduling website.
  4. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with further league instructions.

All players on your roster must be a current UC student (taking classes in the same semester or UC staff/faculty AND have an active membership to the UC Campus Recreation Center.

Note: Space is limited and is on a first-come first-serve basis. Register early!

Additional details can be found on the Intramural Sports page.

Please contact us at intramural@uc.edu to request more information about job openings.  You can also see any openings on our Student Employment page.

Personal Training & Nutrition

Yes. We offer one-on-one, small group and buddy personal training services to members and non-members. Visit the personal training page for more information.

Training sessions are 45 minutes in duration and can take place in our private Personal Training Suite, HIT Studio, one of our Aquatic spaces, Nippert Stadium (when available), or on our 17,000 square foot Fitness Floor.

No. It is against our policy for non-campus recreation trainers to train clients in our facilities. We do offer excellent in-house personal training services.

A fitness assessment is a series of baseline tests performed by a trainer to create points from which to measure your progress and success. Fitness assessments measure cardio-respiratory efficiency, muscular strength and endurance, muscle and joint flexibility, and body composition and can be tailored to the client's needs.

Unfortunately, Campus Recreation no longer offers nutrition services. For nutrition resources, please visit the UC Wellness Center. If you have a meal plan, you may schedule a free consultation with the dining services dietitian.