For a complete list of policies and procedures, please review our Intramural Sports Handbook. If you do not see the answer to your question below, please send it via email to intramural@uc.edu.


Depending on your sport, games may be played in the Campus Recreation Center, Nippert Stadium, Gettler Stadium, Sigma Sigma, Dabney Sand Court, or the Aquatics Center

Our sport offerings are divided into four seasons over two semesters. Please visit our Intramural Sports pages for specifics.

We are always looking for new ideas! Send your suggestion to intramural@uc.edu.


League winners receive an intramural championship t-shirt


Spectators are invited to watch intramural games.  However, if intramural games are in the Campus Recreation Center, and it is not championship night or a special event, participants must purchase a day pass or possess a Campus Recreation Center membership to enter the facility.


UC Intramural Sports are open to current UC students, faculty and staff. These individuals must have an active membership to the UC Campus Recreation Center to be eligible to play.

Each sport is different, please view your sport's rules to find the roster maximum.

An individual may play on one gender-specific team of his or her own gender, and one coed team per sport, per season.

In the same or a similar sport, varsity athletes must sit out 365 days from last participation to be eligible for an intramural team. For example, a varsity football player must sit out a year prior to participating on an intramural flag football team.

In a similar sport:

Number of competitive club sports players allowed based on the sport played
Number of Players
One competitive club sport player per roster

Basketball - 3v3, Flag Football - 4v4, Sand Volleyball - 4v4, Volleyball - 4v4, Wallyball, Futsal, Tennis - Doubles, Spikeball, Pickleball, Picklewall

Two competitive club sport players per roster Basketball - 5v5, Soccer - 5v5, Volleyball - 6v6, Cricket, Flag Football - 7v7, Soccer - 7v7, Flag Football - 8v8, Soccer - 11v11, Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball, Softball

Club athletes must compete in the most competitive league offered. For example, a club volleyball player cannot play in a Coed Recreational volleyball league if a Coed Competitive league is offered.


  1. Pay for your team during the sport's registration period online through myMemberServices.
  2. Register your team on IMLeagues.

Please note: Payment reserves a team's spot in the desired sport/league/night.  Registering a team on IMLeagues prior to payment does not hold a spot for a team.

If you need to pay with a check, please come to the front desk during normal business hours.  Checks may be made payable to "University of Cincinnati."

Yes, captains must complete two tasks prior to the season start:

  1. Pass the online sport quiz 
  2. Have the minimum number of players confirmed on your IMLeagues roster by registration end

For complete instructions on how to do these items, please visit the Intramural Sports page.

Fees vary based on the sport, please visit our Intramural Sports page for specific fees.

Please note payment must be received in order to hold a specific league/night spot. Signing up on IMLeagues does not guarantee the desired night/time.

  1. After registering your team on IMLeagues, go to your team’s home page.
  2. At the top of the page will be a red bar that says, “Participants must pass a quiz to participate. To take the quiz Click Here.”  Select Click Here.
  3. Complete the quiz.
  4. Your score will be displayed. You must correctly answer all questions to pass. If you did not, select Re-take Quiz at the bottom of the page.
  5. Failure to pass the quiz by the deadline will render the participant ineligible


  1. Login to the UC IMLeagues website. If you do not have an account, select Create Account at the top of the page.
  2. Select Register in the middle of the page.
  3. Scroll down and select the sport and league that you registered for (e.g., Men's Recreational Basketball).
  4. Select Create Team under the day/time that you paid for and follow the instructions.
  5. Your team's status will default to Pending. An administrator will change it to Confirmed within one to three business days of your payment.
  1. Login. If you have not logged in before, create an account, or reset password if you are unable to login and already have an account.
  2. Your team will show up on the ensuing page. Click on the team name.
  3. On the left side of the page, select Team Options and then Team Settings.
  4. Type in your new team name and select Change Team Name.
  5. Your submission will be reviewed by our administrative staff. Team names that are misleading or inappropriate may be rejected and sent back to be resubmitted.

We encourage all captains to add all players on IMLeagues, however just the minimum number of confirmed players is required by registration close

  • Basketball - 3v3: 3 players
  • Flag Football - 4v4: 4 players
  • Volleyball - 4v4: 4 players
  • Sand Volleyball: 4 players
  • Wallyball: 4 players
  • Dodgeball: 5 players
  • Futsal: 5 players
  • Basketball - 5v5: 5 players
  • Cricket: 6 players
  • Volleyball - 6v6: 6 players
  • Flag Football - 7v7: 7 players
  • Soccer - 7v7: 7 players
  • Ultimate Frisbee: 7 players
  • Flag Football - 8v8: 8 players
  • Softball: 9 players
  • Kickball: 9 players
  1. Go to the team’s home page in IMLeagues.
  2. In the middle of the page will be a roster box. Select Invite.
  3. Enter your team members’ email addresses to invite or you may search using first/last name.
  4. The player must accept the invitation to be confirmed and added to the roster.
  1. Go to the team’s home page in IMLeagues.
  2. If players have requested to be added, there will be a red box near the top of the page that says, “Pending Request! You have # request(s) to join your team. View.”  Select View.
  3. Select Confirm or Deny for each player.

League Play

Each team will be scheduled for at least four regular season games. As long as a team qualifies for playoffs, it is guaranteed at least one (1) additional game.


To qualify for playoffs, a team/captain must satisfy all of the following requirements:


  1. Complete the online quiz (through IMLeagues) and pass the online quiz 
  2. The team had zero forfeits during the regular season -OR- paid the $20 reinstatement fee by the communicated deadline if the team had one forfeit.
  3. The team finished the regular season with a 3 average sportsmanship rating or higher.



We recommend being on the field or court at least 10 minutes before your scheduled game and require teams to be ready to play 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. If your team is 10 or more minutes late, the game will be forfeited. If your team is one (1) to nine (9) minutes late, your team will incur a late penalty that differs per sport.

Please contact us at intramural@uc.edu to default your game. If your team defaults (concedes) by noon the day of your game, you will not be charged with a forfeit, and you will not need to pay a reinstatement fee.


All players must wear athletic clothing during intramural play. The following restrictions also apply:


  • Jewelry is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: fitness bands, bracelets, caps, hats, bandanas, rings, necklaces, and earrings.
  • Medical or religious bracelets/necklaces are allowed and must be taped to the skin with medical tape. Sweatbands are also allowed.
  • For indoor sports, non-marking athletic shoes must be worn.
  • For outdoor sports, metal or detachable cleats are not allowed.
  • For Flag Football and Soccer hoodies are not allowed to be worn
  • For Basketball, hoodies and masks are not allowed to be worn


We will provide jerseys for use for sports that require jerseys or practice jersey. Teams may purchase their own custom jerseys if they desire. If purchasing jerseys for use in basketball, all digits on the jerseys must be between 0-5. Numbers cannot be three digits or more (e.g., 123).

Professional staff will contact teams via email and/or text for any game adjustments or cancellations. Teams will only be contacted if games are adjusted or canceled, until notice is given, games are scheduled as shown in IMLeagues


Please inquire about opportunities with UC Intramural Sports by email at intramural@uc.edu.