The Campus Recreation Center (CRC) is located in the center of campus, giving visitors several parking options. Campus Green and Woodside garages are the closest to the CRC, CCM and Calhoun garage are also convenient locations.

For CARE/Crawley, located on the Medical Campus, the closest garage for parking is Eden Garage.

Parking Services Uptown Visitor page includes a real-time availability tracker for guests to assess how full garages are.

Member Parking Rates

Parking is not automatically included in your membership, however it is available to all Community, Affiliate and Alumni members as well as their spouses, domestic partners and/or legal dependents. 

Pricing and eligibility information can be found below. UC students, faculty and staff must purchase parking through UC Parking Services.

Parking is only to be used while in the Recreation Center or Fitness Center; this is monitored on a monthly basis. Misuse will result in immediate termination of parking privileges.

Non-UC Members

Parking rates for Campus Recreation members based on type and payment period
Membership period Per month,
paid monthly
Annual, paid in full
12-month $13
9-month $15 $180
3-month $20 $60

UC Faculty, Staff & Students

Faculty, staff and student members must purchase parking through Parking Services. Those with a valid Medical campus permit (Eden, Kingsgate) may park in Campus Green garage Monday-Friday from 4 p.m. - 8 a.m. and all day Saturday and Sunday when visiting the CRC. Please note that you must exit the garage by 8 a.m. or you will not be able to exit. Reciprocity will not be available during special event parking.


Uptown West Campus - Campus Recreation Center
Campus Green Garage

Uptown Medical Campus - Fitness Center at CARE/Crawley
Eden Garage Levels 7&8

How to Use Daily Parking Vouchers

Parking vouchers with QR codes are used for Campus Recreation member parking.

  • You must scan the code in to scan the code out (do not pull a ticket on entry). Hold card under red QR code reader (see photo) to enter/exit the garage.
  • Each card entitles the designated permit holder to 3 hours of parking once per day while using Campus Rec facilities.
  • Additional fees will automatically begin after 3 hours and will be charged at exit.
  • Parking may be limited on game days, but members coming to work out can access the garage by showing their card to the Parking Services Attendant. Members must park in Campus Green Garage on game days.

If you have trouble entering or exiting the parking garage at the gate, press the HELP button on the card reader.

Note: Lost parking cards can be replaced for a fee. Parking may only be used while using the Campus Rec Center or the Fitness Center at CARE/Crawley.