Get To Know Lizzy Denk

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Lizzy is a first-year instructor who teaches Cycle at the CRC. While attending UC, she is pursuing a degree in Nursing. Lizzy's favorite part about working at the CRC is the atmosphere - "Everyone at the Rec is so positive and has high energy. The atmosphere of the Rec, especially when teaching a class, never fails to bring my spirits up and put me a good mood!" When she's not dedicating time to her studies, Lizzy is hanging out with friends, reading, or catching up on her sleep. Outside of working at the CRC, she's a member of Theta Phi Alpha and volunteers as a Girl Scout Troop Leader. Lizzy's best advice for a first-time participant is, "When the instructor asks the class how they’re feeling, answer with high energy - it gets the whole class in good spirits! Everyone who participates in group fitness is at a different level, so go at your own pace in class. Above all, allow yourself to have fun and vibe with the class energy and music."