GFIT Incentive Program

October 1st - 31st

Do you already attend our group fitness classes? Or maybe you have been wanting to join? Either way, let this incentive program help motivate you to take that first step or try a new class! The more classes you attend, the more points you earn. Various prizes will be awarded based on the level participants fall in at the end of the month.


At the end of each group fitness class, the instructor will provide a QR code that you will scan - complete the form and click submit.

NOTE: This is the ONLY way your participation will be able to be tracked, so it's important you do not miss this step.


Each completed group fitness class grants you 5 points - the more points you earn, the higher up in the ranks you move. The program will consist of 4 levels:

  • Level 1: 5-25 points
    • Complete 1 to 5 classes
  • Level 2: 30-50 points
    • Complete 6 to 10 classes
  • Level 3: 55-75 points
    • Complete 11 to 17 classes
  • Level 4: 80+ points
    • Complete 16 or more classes


Various prizes will be awarded to participants depending on which level they fall in at the completion of the program at the end of the month. If you reach level 4, you will receive all prizes from levels 1-3 AND a FREE t-shirt!


Contact Maddi Stiles ( or Traci Smith (