Get To Know Matilda Smolij

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Matilda is a first-year instructor who teachesĀ Cycle, Bootcamp, POP Pilates, and Functional Conditioning at the CRC. While attending UC, she is pursuing a degree in Voice Performance, Opera. Matilda's favorite part about working at the CRC is the sense of community - "I love the strong community that is in place at the CRC! I feel so lucky to watch my participants grow stronger and more confident in addition to watching my team develop as instructors and become leaders within the community!" In her free time, she enjoys trying new coffee shops in Cincinnati, exploring the city, and traveling. Matilda also finds joy in sharing her passion for food, fitness, and how it all has benefited her work as an opera singer. She finds herself very involved in and outside of the CRC - Matilda works as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Program Assistant at the Rec in addition to instructing. She's an active participant in many CCM performances and programs as well as serves on the executive board of the CCM Opera Club. Matilda's best advice for a first-time participant is, "Decide to take that time to focus on yourself, SHOWING UP is 95% of the work. Once we show up, we strive for PROGRESS, not perfection!"