Spanish: Level 1

Our Spanish classes not only teach you the language using personalized content that is engaging, but you will experience fun cultural experiences in Sandra's courses.

chalkboard with words: Spanish I


Please check back for next class dates.

$199 / Seven Classes 

Instructor: Sandra Bazzani

In-person at VPC Campus

Classes will include some online sessions via Zoom and field trips.

This course is designed to help students who would like to learn the basics of Spanish in just a few months. Students will learn common Spanish words and expressions they will likely come across in everyday life. In addition to classroom learning, we will visit Hispanic stores, locations, and events around Cincinnati for a chance to learn about the culture and to practice our Spanish skills. Some of the topics that will be covered are words and phrases needed while on vacation, when ordering food, while in a business meeting, and if you have an emergency in a Spanish-speaking city. This class is a lot of fun and students have ample opportunity to gain confidence in speaking the language.

Headshot of Sandra Bazzani

Sandra Bazzani

Language Instructor

Sandra has a Master's degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, and a certificate in Adult Learning. She has a unique ability to teach to all different levels so every student achieves success in learning the language.