Frame Loom Weaving for Beginners

Communiversity offers different weaving, textile dyeing, and sewing classes (including mending) throughout the year. These comprehensive classes can get you started in textile arts or help you expand your skillset to enjoy more advanced projects. 

frame loom


Mon., Jun. 13-27, 6-8 pm / $89 / Three Classes

Students please bring a loom similar to this Frame Loom, which is not prewarped.  All other supplies included in class fee. 

Instructor: Audra Morrison

In-person at VPC Campus    

Do you ever wonder how basic cloth is created? Do you ever look at those wall hangings in home decor stores and think longingly of creating your own? This workshop is for you! You will learn how to use the simplest of all looms, the frame loom. Bring a frame loom and any accessories that came with it. You will learn to warp the loom and some basic techniques like plain weave, rya knots, soumak braid, and pile weave, to create a beautiful work of art. Warp, yarn, and roving will be provided.

About Your Instructor

Headshot of Audra Morrison

Audra Morrison

Audra Morrison learned to knit when she was 8 years old. That interest extended to spinning, weaving, dyeing, embroidery and other needlework, crochet, and soapmaking. She has a passion for handwork and loves to "figure things out."

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