Machine Knitting for Beginners

Communiversity offers different weaving, textile dyeing and sewing classes (including mending) throughout the year. These comprehensive classes can get you started in textile arts or help you expand your skillset to enjoy more advanced projects. 

yarn on the knitting machine

Machine Knitting for Beginners

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Learn how to create beauitul knitted items on a knitting machine. The machine allows you to move through large plain sections of a repetitive stitch pattern more quickly so you can spend your precious time working the fun parts of a pattern.

Knitting machines come in various gauges to accommodate the wide range of yarns available today. In this class you will get to experience the ease of machine knitting.

About Your Instructor

Headshot of Caitlin McCall

Caitlin McCall

Caitlin McCall holds a Masters of Textiles degree. Her key interests are material recyclability, textile products, textile innovations, and marketing practices.

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