The History of Cincinnati Chili

Locals love it, it's become a million-dollar industry, but what exactly is it? Enjoy this amazing story with author Dann Woellert.

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Instructor: Dann Woellert                              

In-person at VPC Campus

The Bengals made it to the Superbowl and, if that’s not good enough, Cincinnati chili was in the news! But the rest of the country was asking, "What, exactly, is it?" Some claim it's not even chili, but those are just fighting words to natives who have developed the crave. In this fun class, you will learn about its 1922 roots with the Slavic-Macedonian immigrant brothers Kiradjieff in a burlesque theater, Cincinnati chili has become a million-dollar industry supporting 250 chili parlors. Many chili parlors have come and gone, but a few familiar names remain. This is their amazing chili story.

About Your Instructor

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Dann Woellert

Writer & Food Etymologist

Dann Woellert, Food Etymologist, eats and researches how our food came to be what it is. He focuses on the hometown comfort food and drink favorites from his Midwestern Cincinnati.