Not Your Typical Museum Tour! Lebanon Ohio

Join Frank Farmer Loomis and Museum Director Michael Coyan for a behind-the-scenes class at the newly expanded Warren County History Museum in downtown Lebanon, just down the street from Golden Lamb Hotel and Restaurant.

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Not Your Typical Museum Tour! Lebanon Ohio

Sunday, May 21, 1pm - 5pm / $59 / One Class

Instructor: Frank Farmer Loomis

Location: Warren County Histoircal Society

In this class, you will learn about many historic milestones including a 1795 log cabin to local resident and astronaut, Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon. Discussions and tours focus upon: Folk Art and how the museum’s Folk Art Gallery was created. Mid-Century objects and how the WCHM recently opened its Mid-Century Galleries. See how a museum curates, stores and conserves artifacts. A construction explantation and a visit to the 1795 log cabin recently restored. An explanation of Neoclassical and a visit nearby Glendower Mansion, an 1840 Neoclassical gem. And meet Finnegan, the museum’s canine curator. A jam-packed class that even includes a return visit to the WCHM. A reduced entrance fee of $5 per student (payable upon day of class) is good for a return visit within a year.

Harmon Museum is handicap assessible, but Glendower Mansion is not (this is the last stop on the tour). 

*Please continue to check our website for Frank has more tours to come!


Headshot of Frank Farmer Loomis

Frank Farmer Loomis


Frank Farmer Loomis is an accomplished writer and media personality. Frank was an antique columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati Magazine in the 1990s. You can currently listen to him every Thursday at 5 p.m. on Public Radio WMKV 89.3

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