Travel Health & Safety Workshop

Many of us are getting out and about more to travel, see new places, and visit friends and family. This class will teach you some important tips on how to stay safe on the road at home and traveling abroad.

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$39 / One Class

Instructor: Katelyn Jarvis

In-person at VPC Campus   

Do you love to travel, but have some concerns about safety while on the road? In this class, we will address some of the top safety concerns for travel within the United States and also Internationally. Topics include post-pandemic travel, solo travel, traveling with children, travel insurance, and how to choose your destination. The information explored will provide you with the tools to relax and enjoy your next travel journey!


About Your Instructor

Headshot of Katelyn Jarvis

Katelyn Jarvis

World Traveler Expert

In 2017 Katelyn Jarvis set out to win the Guinness World Record for Fastest and Youngest Female to Travel to Every Country in the World. So far, she has traveled to 145 countries.

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