Fly America Act

Carriers for International Travel and Fly America Act

In accordance with the Fly America Act, commercial air travel on certain grants must use U.S. flag air carrier service, except under certain conditions. If a U.S. flag carrier can not be used, the Exception to Fly America Act Form should be completed and placed in the department's grants folder or a scanned copy should be attached to the travel document in UCFlex. For audit purposes, the required documents include the exception form, detailed travel itinerary, and search results confirming the necessity of the exception. Travelers using federal grant funds must check with their assigned grant administrator before booking flights to ensure travel arrangements are in compliance

International travel by air or other common carrier should be at the lowest available coach or economy fare consistent with scheduling needs, including the need to conserve time by selecting direct flights when available and appropriate. For international flights with a leg of five (5) or more consecutive hours, the university may pay for or reimburse for business class fare for the entire trip with departmental and dean’s office/vice president approval. Frequent flyer miles may be used by the traveler to upgrade for overseas flights.