Vendor Form Information

  1. To create a vendor number for an individual, we require a signed and dated IRS W9 Form or a contract that includes name, address, social security number, signature and date.  All form must be completed by the vendor/payee.

  2. If a vendor wants to set up banking with the university, then the Direct Deposit Banking Form can be used in lieu of the W9 or contract. Please ensure to include a voided check or bank verification letter.

  3.  Any changes to an existing vendor account/information, such as change of last name, address or bank account  requires a new form to be completed. Remember to reference the old account information on the form.  Please ensure a voided check or bank verification letter is included with the new banking information.

  4. You can submit and forward the signed Direct Deposit authorization form with voided check or alternative form as follows:

    Via mail:

    PO BOX 210333
    CINCINNATI, OH 45221-0333

       Via email:  All Companies (PO Related)
        Email directly to Amber Simkins or 
by phone at (513) 556-6772

        Via email:  All Individuls (Non-PO Related)
         Email directly to or by phone at (513) 556-6746

For security and IRS auditing purposes an email message, invoice or a simple typed up word document are not acceptable forms for setting up your vendor information with the university.