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Utility Systems & Technical Support: Providing Power for UC

About Us


The mission of Utilities is to efficiently manage and maintain the university's utilities in a cost effective manner to provide a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for the University community.

The vision of Utilities is to exceed the expectations and needs of our customers, the university community, by providing the most reliable and cost effective utilities, gaining national recognition for the university and supporting the university's mission.


Central Utility Plant
3000 Glendora Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0390

Campus mail: ML 0390
Office phone: 513-556-5151
Office fax: 513-558-1739

Mike Hofmann
Director Utilities
Phone:  513-556-5151
Fax:        513-558-1739

Tony Klousis
East Utility Plant Manager
Phone:  513-558-6139
Fax:        513-556-1129

Daniel Pumphrey
Utility Engineer
Phone:  513-556-3140
Fax:        513-556-4146

Sheri Bussard
Utility Engineer
Phone:  513-556-2542
Fax:        513-558-1739

Sid Thatham
Energy Engineer
Phone:  513-556-1537
Fax:        513-558-1739

Jeff Finan
Assistant Director Utilities
Phone:  513-556-0252
Fax:        513-556-3450

Andy Beimesche
Central Utility Plant Manager
Phone:  513-556-3757
Fax:        513-556-1129

Ike Ratliff
Sr. Facilities Automation Systems Engineer
Phone:  513-556-5726
Fax:        513-558-1739

Bill Welborne
Facilities Automation Systems Engineer
Phone:  513-556-5726
Fax:        513-558-1739