Research Centers

Environmental Engineering Research Center

Recently enhanced analytical and computational capabilities and higher strength materials have led to lighter, larger and more complex structures. To design them, the engineer must be able to evaluate their overall behavior, including their performance under possible heavy overloads of both static and dynamic (seismic, wind, blast) environments.

Center for Environmental Genetics

While most NIH and other federal grants fund research projects, the NIEHS Center Grants are funded to increase the amount and quality of Environmental Health Sciences research, recruiting new investigators to the Environmental Health Sciences field, educating young investigators, and developing facilities to improve the research at both the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Center for Field Studies

Founded in 2008, the Center for Field Studies promotes inquiry and discovery about the natural world through a unique integration of research and education.  The Center serves as a field station designed as a nexus for environmental research and education for the Greater Cincinnati region and beyond.

Center for Geospatial Information & Environmental Sensor Networks

The goal of the Center is to facilitate and promote the cutting-edge research and applications of the state-of-the-art geospatial information technologies on campus. The center has a combination of research expertise and technical capabilities in geographical information sciences (GIS), remote sensing, environmental sensor networks, geospatial computation, scientific visualization, internet mapping and web GIS, location-based services (LBS), global positioning system (GPS), space-time data assimilation, environmental and urban modeling. The geospatial technologies and spatial analysis methods are crucial for measuring, monitoring, modeling and predicting the complex geographical phenomena and addressing the pressing environmental issues that are the subject of multidisciplinary investigation.

University of Cincinnati Research Center

The University of Cincinnati, classified as a "very high" research university by the Carnegie Commission and ranked as one of America’s top public research universities, is an institution with a rich history in discovery and innovation.