Waste Diversion

The University strives to divert waste from the landfill through recycling, minimizing waste, composting and practicing appropriate reuse.

  • UC has been implementing recycling and landfill stations in a variety of buildings across campus that are working to create a uniform, branded language of recycling that is aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic for the user.
  • For UC Football games and FC Cincinnati games, the Office of Sustainability coordinates recycling efforts.
  • For UC Basketball games and special events, Grounds/Moving/Transportation within Facilities Mnagement coordiantes recycling efforts.
  • During move-in and move-out, the Office works with a variety of different campus stakeholders to increase waste diversion through recycling, donating materials, and practicing appropriate reuse.
  • Institutionally, Surplus Management serves the University in all matters relating to the proper handling of all end of life cycle assets.
  • Post and pre-consumer food waste are composted at Market Pointe and On the Green Dining facilities.
  • The Office of Enviornmental, Health, and Safety faciltates electronic and hazardous waste recycling and disposal.

For more information on how to recycle or otherwise properly dispose of the items listed below, please reach out to the associated contact person.

Headshot of Scott Clark

Scott Clark

Associate Director Business Affairs, A&F Asset Management

Contact about: Televisions, Appliances, CDs, DVDs, VHS Tapes, Computers, Servers, Hard Drives, Monitors, Rechargeable Batteries, Printers, Scanners, Copiers, General Electronic Waste, Furniture, Lab Equipment, UC Cell Phones & PDAs, Toner Cartridges

Headshot of Matthew Schnetzer

Matthew Schnetzer

Hazardous Materials Manager, A&F Environmental Health & Safety

Contact about: Single-Use Batteries

Headshot of Jason Lambers

Jason Lambers

Hazardous Materials Coordinator, A&F Environmental Health & Safety

Contact about: Lamps and Bulbs

Headshot of Elizabeth Rains

Elizabeth Rains

Director, Grounds Moving Transportation, A&F Transportation Services

Contact about: Vehicle Batteries, Microfiche, Books, Magazines, Periodicals, Scrap Metal