Uptown Waste Diversion

In an effort to keep waste off the streets and out of the landfill, the University of Cincinnati has come together with multiple community partners to host Uptown Waste Diversion. From July 28th – August 8th (10am to 6pm each day) additional dumpsters, recycling receptacles, electronic recycling, and a drop off location for donations will be available at Block 1 on Calhoun St (across from Crossroads 42 Calhoun St). Bring your unwanted items that you find while moving out and either properly dispose of them or donate them! For questions or more information email email us. Thank you to our community partners that make this possible: CUF, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, Corryville Community Council, City of Cincinnati Environment and Sustainability, Uptown Rental Properties, and Towne Properties.

Uptown Waste Diversion promotional image