University Honors Application

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Thank you for your interest in joining the University Honors Program! We suggest that you review our website or attend an interest session before completing the application. For many students, it is particularly useful to write and edit the responses to the essay questions in a separate document over the course of at least a few days, because the application cannot be saved. You will need to complete this application in one sitting. 


  • Baccalaureate-seeking student at UC
  • Graduating Spring 2024 or later
  • 3.2+ Overall GPA after Fall 2022 semester 

Essay Questions

Here are the essay questions you will need to write for your application. We advise you write these in advance of starting your application. Your responses to these essays and your resume are the primary criteria for the evaluation of your admission. 
  1. Why do you want to join University Honors? What makes University Honors a good fit for you? What will you contribute to the UHP community? (Max 250 words)
  2. We offer an individualized advising experience with a commitment to help our students maximize their time as an undergraduate student. Specifically, describe the goals that are most important for you to make strides toward prior to your undergraduate graduation from UC? How do you see University Honors contributing to your undergraduate success? (Max 250 words)
  3. Storytelling has shaped societies for thousands of years. It has created shared religions or moral codes, facilitated travel and growth of civilizations, drawn attention to issues and formed public policy. University Honors focuses on storytelling as a form of personal and professional reflection. Tell us a story about one activity or experience you've done and explain how it illuminates an important aspect of who you are and how it applies to your future. (Max 300 words)
  4. Nobel Laureate Paul Ehrlich famously pursued an idea that there could be a treatment that could eradicate any disease without harming the body. There was widespread hope that anything could be cured with a single, simple process or antidote. He is credited with many of the earliest forms of medical treatments popular today but realized there would never be a universal cure. Similarly, we can acknowledge that there is incredible complexity in the world's problems and that there will never be a single, simple solution to them.  With this in mind, identify a complex problem you are passionate about. Briefly describe any experiences you've had that are related to this passion. Within the next five years, how do you envision yourself making contributions toward solving the problem? (Max 400 words)

Application Form- Deadline: November 27

The application has now closed. We will reopen the next application in September 2023.