UHP Ambassadors

UHP Ambassadors are a select group of University Honors students who represent the University Honors Program on campus and in the community. UHP Ambassadors share information about their experiences within the UHP as well as, more broadly, the University of Cincinnati. They also plan, coordinate, and/or co-facilitate programs with the University Honors Program and can represent students on various committees and projects.

The UHP Ambassador team comprises 35-40 University Honors Program students from a diverse range of colleges and programs. Collectively, they participate in numerous student organizations and leadership roles across campus and in the community. The UHP Ambassador Leadership Team is a small group within UHP Ambassadors who lead training, mentorship, event planning and other initiatives throughout the academic year to support the entire UHP Ambassador team.

Applications for First-Year Ambassadors are open until July 16; applications for returning students who will be upperclass students have closed. The details for First-Year Honors Ambassadors starting Fall 2023 are now available.

  • Attend the UHP Ambassador Retreat held the first Saturday of every fall semester
  • Present at UC Admission events (Open Houses, Honors Admitted Bearcat Day, Senior Scholars Day, etc.)
  • Lead transition student recruitment initiatives
  • Sharing experiences and presenting in Gateway to University Honors classes
  • Co-lead UHP Orientation sessions (summer)
  • Connect students to wide range social activities for the UHP community
  • Serve on UHP and universities committees (PLME, Honors Seminar Review, Honors Council, student focus groups, etc.)
  • Spotlight experiences and learning portfolios on the UHP website
  • Promote the UHP community through social media
  • Good standing with the University Honors Program
  • Active engagement with the University Honors Program
  • Strong understanding of the University Honors Program framework and benefits
  • Desire to help and lead other prospective and current students
  • Well-developed communication skills
  • Interest in working with a diverse team of student leaders
  • Professional development in public speaking, networking and communications
  • Access to various leadership opportunities such as Honors Council, committees and panels based on interest and availability
  • Network with campus partners who are essential to the UHP community
  • Often first to provide feedback or engage in new UHP initiatives
  • Honored for service at graduation
  • Receive UHP swag as available to represent UHP at events and across campus
  • Have fun engaging in a tight-knit community of fellow UHP students, staff and faculty who love this community and aspire to do more for all of UC

The UHP Ambassador application is only open once per year in the spring. Applications include a submission of reflections related to the role.