Student on camel on egypt study tour

Global Studies

As the world becomes more internationally connected, it is important to engage across various cultures with an appreciation for multiple perspectives and identities. You will gain a stronger understanding of your own background and develop a sense of respect and empathy for others. As a result, you will be better prepared to address global issues and contribute to the improvement of international understanding.

Learning Outcomes

By engaging in this competency, you will make progress towards learning how to…

  • Develop practical travel skills that promote safe, stimulating, and productive travel throughout your life.
  • Summarize the interconnectedness of geography, history, cultural traits and world issues.
  • Articulate the interdependence of professional fields to address current and impending global issues such as technology, the environment, human rights, or politics.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cultural diversity by acknowledging the impact of their own identity and the experience of social norms, customs, or beliefs that are different from their own.
  • Demonstrate a sense of empathy, respect, and appreciation for others to build meaningful cross-cultural collaborations toward mutual growth and prosperity.