University of Cincinnati Honors students participated in many competitions during their Welcome Retreat at Camp Kern. UC/ Joseph Fuqua II

UHP First Year Welcome Event Mentors

The UHP First Year Welcome Event provides incoming students the opportunity to connect, build community, and learn more about what to expect from UHP during their first few months here at UC. All prospective mentors must satisfy the following requirements.


  • Be in good standing with the UHP
  • Have at least one Honors experience completed or in progress
  • Must have availability to meet regularly during the summer (this will be done virtually) 
  • Exhibit care and support for other students
  • Articulate personal and professional value that can be gained through honors experiences

Welcome Event Mentors

Time Commitment

  • Three trainings being held in the months of May, June and July
  • 1 Day Welcome Event in August 
  • Minimum of three meetings with assigned small group
  • Participation on student panels
  • Connect with members of your small group as needed

If you have any questions about this pre-approved honors experience, please contact Kyle Key at kyle.key@uc.edu

UHP First Year Welcome Event Mentors connect, welcome and mentor a small group of incoming first-year students via group meetings and individual mentorship. This will count as one pre-approved honors experience. The experience and trainings will begin in May and conclude in October. 

The application for Welcome Event Mentors is now OPEN!

 Welcome Event Mentor Applications Now Open!