Career Pathways Research

Career exploration is the process of researching and increasing one’s understanding of various industries, career fields, job roles, and functions. This process requires reflection and clarification of one’s personal and professional interests, values, and goals. The Career Pathways Research provides structure to your goal reflection and career exploration, while challenging you to incorporate phenomenological research methods.  During this honors experience, you will engage with experts in your field, utilize on-campus Career Studio resources, and reflect upon your future goals.

This experience can be completed at any time and should take at least 75 hours of planning, execution, and reflection. For most students, this will take 3-4 months to complete. Essays and showcases will be reviewed by honors advisors after the 5th of each month. 

Experience Requirements

For this honors experience, you will complete a reflective research essay on 3 careers or career pathways of your choice. You will also reflect on the impact this research and experience has had on you and your future career aspirations.