UHP Ambassador Leadership Team

The five students on the Leadership Team in 2022

The UHP Ambassador Leadership Team (LT) is a select group of four experienced student leaders who cultivate a supporting and engaging team of UHP Ambassadors, comprising 30-40 UHP students from a diverse range of colleges and programs. Together, they support UHP’s goal to develop an inclusive community of talented, motivated students. Alongside the UHP Program Coordinator for Admissions and Marketing, the LT’s primary responsibility is to prepare UHP Ambassadors to represent the University Honors Program to prospective and new students through various initiatives and events.

This is a year-long commitment from March to March. Successful completion of this commitment will result in credit towards 1 pre-approved experience. 


  • Must be in good standing with the University Honors Program
  • Must maintain an updated learning portfolio
  • Must have one completed year as a UHP Ambassador, meeting involvement expectations each semester
  • Students must be available and live within manageable commuting distance to Uptown Campus for the Fall semester, starting August 24, 2024. UHP Ambassador in-person commitments are particularly heavy during Fall and availability to attend events is required.

General Responsibilities

  • Students should expect to contribute at least 30 hours of commitment during the summer and fall semesters, and approximately 15 hours in the spring
  • Meet as a team along with the UHP Program Coordinator for Admissions and Marketing for one hour biweekly (including during the summer) for program planning, leadership development, and group reflection
  • Facilitate monthly Ambassador meetings September through April
  • Plan at least three Ambassador events per year: Fall Retreat, Winter Celebration and Spring Dinner
  • Host transition info sessions to recruit new students, both in-person and virtually
  • Represent UHP Ambassadors on panels, committees, at admissions events, and other select opportunities
  • Attend events or participate in initiatives with the same level of expectations as all UHP Ambassadors

Beginning in 2024, LT will consist of four available positions, each with unique responsibilities. Students may apply for as many positions on the Leadership Team as they see fit. There will be one round of invite-only interviews. 

Available Positions

Outreach Director

The Outreach Director’s primary goal is to broaden awareness of the UHP. They will be the voice of the UHP Ambassadors around campus and virtually. Together with the Program Coordinator, they will expand and facilitate current and future partnerships with offices and student organizations. They will also leverage digital media to help UHP share more students’ stories—centering the value of UHP experiences and other benefits. The Outreach Director acts as a liaison between Ambassadors and Belong Coordinators, and as well as with student organizations and leaders. A successful Outreach Director will strive to meet new people, connect with others, prioritize inclusivity, and leverage tools and opportunities to expand awareness of the UHP and its opportunities.

Summary of responsibilities:

  • Expand and facilitate current partnerships to present and share recruitment information
  • Support digital media content creation and virtual presentations
  • Act as liaison to the Belong Coordinators, particularly to assist with Transition Student Welcome
  • Advertise and schedule drop-in chats in the UHP suite for transition recruitment

2 Development Directors

The Development Directors’ primary goal is preparation and development of fellow UHP Ambassadors. They are highly knowledgeable about the UHP, its opportunities and benefits as well as the various student experiences to being admitted. Together with the Program Coordinator, they will facilitate an ambassador certification process, and first-year mentorship responsibilities. They will oversee the training and professional development opportunities at the UHP Ambassador retreat and monthly meetings. Successful Development Directors will be able to work collaboratively to develop engaging and effective skill-building exercises. They will provide a balance of challenge and support to teach and mentor others. They must be flexible, organized and pay close attention to detail and nuance. They must demonstrate a commitment to assisting others.

Summary of responsibilities:

  • Develop, facilitate, and manage the new ambassador certification process
  • Facilitate the First-Year Ambassador selection process and mentorship program
  • Develop on-going professional development exercises throughout the year

Internal Director

The Internal Directors’ primary goal is to manage the logistics and processes involved in leading a large, multi-faceted team with various responsibilities. They are detail-oriented, organized, and feel comfortable understanding processes. Together with the Program Coordinator, they will manage event signups, track ambassador participation and incentives, schedule tabling events, and assist with budget/incentive decisions. They will also plan team activities such as the Winter Celebration, Spring Dinner, and monthly social activities. A successful Internal Director will be a planner who will effectively communicate to meet the needs and expectations of UHP and the ambassador team. They also enjoy bringing people together. This individual doesn’t mind holding others accountable, but who likes rewarding their peers even more. They will promote that success starts with strong relationships and trust.

Summary of responsibilities:

  • Manage event signups as well as track participation/incentives
  • Drive event signups with consistent communication to Program Coordinator
  • Plan tabling events around campus
  • Plan and execute Winter Celebration and Spring Dinner as well as monthly social activities to occur during Ambassador meetings
  • Assist with budget/incentive decisions


The application will be made available for the 2025-2026 school year in spring of 2025.