Learning Portfolios

Kristen Stueve example Learning Portfolio

A learning portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits a student’s effort, progress, achievements and competencies gained during a course or time in college. It provides a richer picture of learning through an efficient, dynamic and integrated process. 

The University Honors Program’s vision for learning portfolios is to establish a best practice model that engages students in:

  • Actively reflecting on collegiate experiences;
  • Identifying linkages between curricular and co-curricular involvement;
  • Integrating learning across experiences;
  • Evaluating aspects of experiences as they relate to academic, personal and professional identities; and
  • Communicating the integration of learning to various university audiences.

Guides and Resources

We've developed some guides and resources below to assist our students develop their learning portfolios. Structure and Content assist with general advice to get started. Showcase Guide assists students who are showcasing honors experiences to their learning portfolios. Year-in-Review assists with the annual requirement to reflect on the significant moments from the previous year. Protected Info provides important information about using trademarks and copyrights.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Students always have the option to keep learning portfolios private. If privacy is a concern, we suggest students use sites that offer free password protection. Advisors are happy to discuss these options with students at any time.

Featured Learning Portfolios

Our students develop fantastic learning portfolios both in content and in style, and we love to share their work. Here are our currently featured University Honors learning portfolios. These rotate regularly, so check back often for updated spotlights.