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Are you a UC undergraduate student motivated to excel both in and out of the classroom? Are you looking to use your gifts and talents to explore your passions and make a difference on campus, in your local communities, or around the world? Do you want to be part of an innovative and inclusive community of driven student leaders with unique access to inspiring faculty and staff? 

If you've answered yes to any of those questions, then the University Honors Program is the place for you. We offer a number of unique benefits and exclusive opportunities to enable students to maximize on their undergraduate experiences. By graduation, we help students become global citizen scholars who lead innovative efforts to solving the world's complex problems.   

All students will be expected to complete all the requirements of all UHP students, which includes five experiences by graduation. While some opportunities in college prior to acceptance may count retroactively toward those five required experiences, at least one experience must be completed after conclusion of the Gateway to University Honors course. As a result, most successful candidates will apply during their first or second year.

Interested in joining?

Thank you for your interest in the University Honors Program (UHP). UHP is always recruiting for our next cohort of global citizen scholars who seek to take the next steps toward solving the world's complex problems. Each fall, we encourage current UC students who meet eligibility to apply for spring admission. Applications for Spring 2024 admission will open on September 13, 2023. The timeline below outlines all of the currently available information.

We invite you to join our Microsoft Teams channel for updates, too!

Fall 2023 Application Timeline

Fall 2023 Application Timeline
Event Date Additional Information
Schedule Released Aug 31  
Transition Application Opens Sept 13 Take me to the application
Student Info Sessions
  See below for details
Transition Application Closes
Nov 26 Applications close at 11:59pm
Fall Semester GPA Checks
Dec 14 Must have 3.2 overall GPA to be eligible
Decisions Announced
Dec 15 Decisions sent by email

Eligibility for Fall 2023 Process

  • Current UC undergraduate, baccalaureate student 
  • Overall UC GPA of 3.2 after Fall 2023
  • Graduating Spring 2025 or later

UC Online Students

Currently, the University Honors Program is unable to admit to UC Online students. UC Online programs are completely online programs. If you are unsure if you qualify, please reach out to us before completing the application.

Attend an Info Session

Schedule of Information Sessions
Date Time Location Register
Sept 28 7:00pm Swift 720 None Needed
Oct 9 (Reading Day) 1:30pm Swift 720 None Needed
Oct 20 3:30pm Virtual on CampusLink by EOD Oct 16
Nov 7 (Reading Day) 11:00am Swift 720 None Needed
Nov 15 5:30pm Virtual on CampusLink by EOD Nov 10

Application Process Details

The transition application process is for current UC undergraduate students. Students who are transferring to UC from another university and are interested in applying to the UHP should apply through the transfer process.  

By completing the online application, you are authorizing UHP staff to review your UC academic record. This review will be to affirm that you meet the 3.2 GPA requirement and undergraduate, baccalaureate-seeking UC student. First-year students are eligible to apply as final decisions won't be made until the conclusion of fall semester when grades are finalized. 

The application will require that you submit an updated resume. We suggest that you list any campus or community engagements. High school experiences are still valuable, especially for first-year students. Consider leadership, individual and team activities, competitive events, study abroad, activism or other extracurricular activities in addition to any work history. Knowing what you have engaged in so far in your UC experience is very important to our selection process.

Gateway to University Honors Class

All new students admitted through this process are required to enroll in the one credit hour Gateway to University Honors course (HNRS1010) during Spring 2024. This course is a sprint version of the course and will conclude after teh first 7 weeks of the semester. Registration will only be available to students once decisions are announced on December 15. Spring 2024 Gateway sections will be offered on the days and times list:

  • Mondays 2:30-4:20pm
  • Tuesdays 3:30-5:20pm
  • Wednesdays 3:35-5:25pm
  • Thursdays 2:00-3:50pm

Applicants are expected to manage their schedule to accommodate one of the sections. Alternatives will be offered only to students with unavoidable academic conflicts such as co-op and study abroad. Student organizations, volunteering, campus leadership, and employment are not considered unavoidable academic conflicts. Please plan accordingly.  

Gateway to University Honors (HNRS1010) does NOT carry a fee.  If the student is taking the maximum number of credit hours (18) as a full-time student, s/he can still enroll in the class without being charged additional tuition fees.  Students must receive authorization from their college academic advisor to register for the 19th credit hour. If you are applying and intend to be at 19 credit-hours in the spring, please communicate this to your college advisor in advance because numerous staff are on vacation at this time. 


Contact us at honors@uc.edu or 513-556-6254.