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Upcoming Study Tours
Course Number Seminar Faculty Destination Semester
ARTE3113/PHIL3113 Strange Tools: Artistic Inquiry & Embodied Cognitive Science
Holland, Kristopher
Amsterdam &  Netherlands Spring 2025
HIST3096 A Global History of World War II Zalar, Jeff UK & France Fall 2024
JOUR2050 Travel Writing in Iceland Wohlfarth, Jenny Iceland Fall 2024
ARTE3041C/NS3041C From Neurons to Picasso: How and Why the Brain Makes Art Holland, Kristopher
Vilinsky, Ilya
France Spring 2024
HLTH3011 Democratizing Healthcare Kazimierczuk, Francoise
Hobek, Amy
Germany Spring 2024
EVST3014 On the River: Experiencing the Brazilian Amazon Matter, Stephen
Tepe, Eric
Brazil Spring 2024
HNRS3065 Art, Architecture, and Engineering in Ancient Rome: The Roman Experience Rassati, Gian
Swanson, James
Italy Spring 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I apply to more than one program?
    Yes, you can apply to as many as you like!

  2. Do these count as an Honors experience?
    Yes, all seminars count as an Honors experience upon successful completion.

  3. Can I go on multiple programs?
    Yes, if you can fit them into your schedule, you can travel on multiple programs in a semester.

  4. Do I need a passport?
    Yes, you need a valid passport with at least six months of validity to travel abroad.

  5. Do I need a visa to enter any of these countries?
    It depends on your nationality and the travel destination. We will work with individual programs on any visa requirements.

  6. Is there a fee to apply?
    No, there is no fee to apply for a study tour.

  7. What does the program fee cover?
    The program fee covers all group logistics: flights, hotels, group transportation, group tours, group meals, etc. It DOES NOT cover personal expenses such as personal meals, passports, visas, vaccinations, luggage fees, etc.

  8. Do I have to book my own flight or hotel?
    No, we will arrange all of this.

  9. Is the travel component optional?
    No, the travel component is considered part of the course. Students who enroll in seminars with a travel component should plan on traveling with the group barring extenuating circumstances.

  10. When are study tour applications due?
    The initial round of applications are typically due the second week of the semester prior to the study tour running (mid-September and end of January). However, we often do several rounds of applications to fill classes.

  11. How many students are on each study tour?
    It depends, most programs are around 20 students, but some have smaller enrollments of around 12 students.

  12. What’s the application process like?
    Most programs have a competitive application process; we may easily receive 2-3 times more applicants than open spots. All study tours will have an interview component with the faculty leader. Once the faculty leader completes the interviews, they will send a list of students to invite, to waitlist, and to decline. Students are then notified of their status. Students who apply during the initial round will know their status before priority registration.

Any questions not answered please email Ashley Webber.

Study Abroad and International Travel Resources

For information on other UC study abroad programs offered outside of University Honors, visit UC International's online database.

All UC students who participate in a study abroad program or international experience are required to attend a pre-departure orientation session with UC International Programs.

The University may amend, modify or rescind any information, policies, guidelines, rules, procedures or regulations that relate or apply to study abroad and may incorporate new terms and conditions that apply to study abroad, at its sole discretion.  Students enrolled in such programs will be expected to comply with all rules, policies, guidelines, and requirements of any jurisdiction to which they are travelling.  To the extent permitted by law, any student’s failure to comply with such university and/or foreign jurisdiction’s, policies, guidelines, or requirements may result in the student not being able to complete participation in study abroad.