Keya Nandi

Keya Nandi Biking

My UHP experience in five words

Enriching everyday with enlightening experiences!

Why UHP is for me

The flexibility of building experiences from things that I am passionate about has made me feel so much more supported in pursuing my dreams. I have also been able to be a part of amazing events, experiences, or seminars, where I have been able to engage with like minded students and have found some absolutely amazing friends through the program.

Advice for anyone interested in UHP

I would say that with UHP you get to dictate how you want your experiences to look like. Never be afraid of expressing what your goals are and don't ever think that they may be too different from the others. The one thing that makes the UHP community so valuable, is its ability to accept diversity of thoug

An honors experience I’ll never forget

My semester abroad in Ireland in Spring 2023 has been my most impactful experience. It has changed me and my life in ways I never thought possible. Not only did it make my dream of backpacking within Europe come true, but it also helped me reflect on who I really am and gave me a sense of direction in life.

What my future holds

My time within UHP and as a part of my experiences has helped me gain a sense of direction. I am more certain about my passions in terms of my future career as well. I have also started valuing the importance of reflection and critically thinking about moments in life that can prove to be pivotal in how you view everything.

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