Angelina Ricco

Angelina Ricco Portrait

My UHP experience in five words

Pleasant, supportive, positive, creative, & advancing

Why UHP is for me

UHP is for me because I feel like the experience allows me to select what I am gaining from the program, and benefit in terms of being a more well-rounded individual in the end.

Advice for anyone interested in UHP

UHP at UC allows you to be as involved as you'd like and is there to be an extra support system rather than harder workload.

An honors experience I’ll never forget

I am most looking forward to self-designing an experience that I can do during my winter back at home so, I can share my experiences with my family.

What my future holds

UHP has made it possible for me to study things in college outside of my major, so I believe I will become a more well-rounded individual for my future career.

Angelina Ricco with family