Garth Pais

Garth Pais Portrait

My UHP experience in five words

Surprises, research, medicine, improvement, fulfillment

Why UHP is for me

I really enjoy the opportunity to take unique seminars, since I really like learning about stuff that doesn't have to do with regular gen-eds that students get bored of easily; I also personally have a lot of opportunities through UHP to advance my career, like through researching.

Advice for anyone interested in UHP

With your experiences, try to balance taking risks with an equal amount of familiar hobbies and passions

An honors experience I’ll never forget

I think that honestly my favorite honors experience was the basic English seminar, because I really enjoyed getting to know my classmates over the semester and my professor was great, I credit her with completely reinventing my writing and helping me learn to write personal essays which still maintain a narrative flow (which in my opinion is pretty important for post-grad applications and stuff!)

What my future holds

I plan on doing another honors seminar next semester, although I'm not sure whether I want to do a study tour or not. I also think that UHP has helped me on my way to becoming a physician by allowing me to still keep my non-medical passions up here in college with me.

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