Spring 2025 Honors Seminars

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Upcoming Study Tours
Course Number Title Instructor Day/Time Location(s) BoK
ARTE3113/ PHIL3113  Strange Tools: Artistic Inquiry & Embodied Cognitive Science

Holland, Kristopher 

Chemero, Anthony

  Amsterdam - Netherlands  
POL 2097 International Institutions Ivanov, Ivan  

Brussels, Belgium

The Hauge, Netherlands



Upcoming Seminars
Course No. Title Instructor Class # Day/Time BoK
ARTE3005   Dance in the City

Bastos, Flavia

Andrews, Kimber

CATH3000/ INTR3000 The Human Condition  Zalar, Jeff      
DS2500 Disability and Social Change: Sociocultural Analysis for Equity Hulgin, Kathleen      
ENGL3002 From Serial Reading to Binge Watching: Serial Storytelling Past and Present  Anderson, Kirsten      
LAW2002 Blind Injustice: The Psychology and Politics of Wrongful Convictions ​ Godsey, Mark      
PD3060 Doing Good Together: Student Philanthropy Studio 

Bastos, Flavia

Selzer, Robin

TBD The Great Escape! Puzzle Solving and Design as Recreation, Competition, and a Key to Unlocking Creativity Halpin, Mark


TBD Big Science: The Impact and Legacy of Large Scientific Infrastructure Nickels, Jonthan      
TBD Climate Change and Your Future

Martinez, Eduardo

Faruquem, Muhammad