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Belong Coordinators

The UHP Belong Coordinator role is a pre-approved honors experience that focuses on fostering awareness and inclusivity within the UHP community through educational and interactive programming. Belong Coordinators work together in small groups and as a larger team to create, plan, and execute this programming that occurs both passively (e.g., social media, materials posted in honors lounge, UHP newsletter) and in person.

As a Belong Coordinator, you will to bring your own ideas to life, collaborate with other UHP students, interact with the UHP community, support our identity and inclusion-based campus partners, take part in learning opportunities on campus, and engage in reflection. 

Below are a few examples of programming created by previous Belong Coordinators:

  • Kindness Day Goodie Bags
  • Eid Al-Fitr Tabling
  • Women in STEM Timeline
  • Affirmation Wall
  • Black History Trivia Night
Three Coordinators doing Kindness Tabling
Two Coordinators tabling for Eid Al-Fitr

Application and Commitment

This honors experience occurs from September-April. As a Belong Coordinator, you will:

  • Attend bi-weekly (1hr) meetings
  • Support planning and execution of 1-3 programs per month (excluding December)
  • Collaborate with campus partners and support existing UHP community events
  • Actively communicate and share ideas with other Belong Coordinators
  • Participate in 1-2 learning opportunities on campus focused on inclusion
  • Engage in reflection around your learning and approach as an inclusive leader

University Honors students may apply for the Belong Coordinator role through Sunday, September 3 at 11:59pm EST. Review of applications will begin on September 4 and decisions will be communicated by September 8.


Headshot of Shawna Obregon

Shawna Obregon

Assistant Director, Honors Advisor

Black History Trivia Night
Paint Party group