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Welcome Experience Coordinators in 2022

The complete honors experience is as much about enrichment outside of the classroom as it is about experiences inside the classroom. By participating in some of the many honors activities available, you will create common bonds with other students, create unique experiences, have fun and make memories that last a lifetime.

Nominations for UHP Student of the Month

Know someone in UHP whose done something exceptional recently? Or perhaps you've just made a significant milestone or accomplishment yourself and would like to be recognized for your work? Consider submitting an application for UHP student of the month! 

Signature Events & Programs

Biomedical Research and Mentoring Program - A spring semester research experience geared towards first- and second-year students interested in gaining fundamental research experience. This is a pre-approved experience.

Tales of Resilience - Tales of Resilience is a pre-approved experience that engages a group of students as collaborative storytellers in a fantasy setting. This will be done in the form of tabletop role playing, using the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition System.

UHP Discover - A summer research opportunity focused on humanities, social sciences, education, business, music, and other disciplines. This is a pre-approved experience. 

UHP Student Leader Roundtable - The University Honors Program believes in the power of a community that brings together students from all disciplines to help solve the world's complex problems. The Student Leader Roundtable is a semester-long commitment. This pre-approved experience is offered each fall and spring and students receive one honors experience for full participation. This experience is fully student-driven and will cover topics chosen by the group each semester.

UHP Welcome Event - Each fall, incoming first year students the opportunity to build community, engage with first year and returning UHP students, and learn more about UHP during their first few months at UC! For returning students, you may participate as Welcome Event leaders, which will count as a pre-approved experience.

UHP Groups and Organizations

Honors Ambassadors - The ambassadors are a select group of honors students who represent the program on campus and in the community. Experienced UHP Ambassadors can apply to the Ambassador Leadership Team, which is a pre-approved experience. 

Belong CoordinatorsThe Belong Coordinators focus on fostering awareness and inclusivity among UHP students, staff, and faculty through interactive educational programing. This is a pre-approved experience.

Other Honors Organizations

Honor Societies and Honorary Organizations - Have you received a letter of invitation for a collegiate honor society and wonder if it is credible or worthwhile? Find guidelines and more here.