Student Leader Roundtable

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The University Honors Program believes in the power of a community that brings together students from all disciplines to help solve the world's complex problems.

UHP students are leaders in almost every aspect of the campus and local community, so we are providing a space for UHP student leaders across campus to collaborate with and learn from each other. Students will navigate the challenges and opportunities in leading student groups in today’s constantly changing landscape.

The Student Leader Roundtable is a semester-long commitment. This pre-approved experience is offered each fall and spring and students receive one honors experience for full participation. This experience is fully student-driven and will cover topics chosen by the group each semester.

Requirements and Expectations

In this experience, students:
  • Complete the Interest Form at the beginning of the semester a student wishes to participate
  • Must be a current student leader in an organization for the semester (can be an on- or off- campus organization)
  • Must actively attend organization’s meetings and events during the semester participating in the experience
  • Meet for 1 hour biweekly as a group with a UHP facilitator and miss no more than 1 meeting
  • Co-Lead one of 5 student-lead discussions based on student organization or leadership topics determined by the group. Groups of 2-3 students will prepare and deliver a 30-45 minute interactive presentation using slides, videos, and/or engaging activities, and discussion questions
  • Incorporate what is learned into the organzation(s) and current leadership role(s) throughout the semester
  • Actively engage in small and large group discussions each meeting
  • Develop and/or increase their leadership skills through development activities and discussions
  • After each meeting, students are required to write a reflection and post it to their Learning Portfolio

Interest Forms

Interest form will be available mid-August for Fall semester; early January for Spring semester


Interested? Please contact Vikki Kowalczyk (Vikki.kowalczyk@uc.edu) for additional questions. 


The bi-weekly time will be decided at the beginning of the semester based on the group’s availability. Meetings are for 1 hour and students must attend the full hour each week. To complete the experience, students must attend at least 6 of the 7 meetings.

Students can repeat the experience to count for up to two UHP experiences and are welcome to participate more than twice for self-development. Participation in any type of UHP roundtable counts towards the maximum 2 experiences.

Students complete the interest form for the semester they wish to participate. The interest form will be available mid-August for fall and early January for spring.

Students must complete the interest form each semester they want to participate.

Students must be in a leadership role to participate. We look forward to having you when you hold a position with an organization.