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Honors Experiences and Opportunities

Students in the University Honors Program are required to complete five honors experiences. There are three types of honors experiences: honors seminars, pre-approved experiences, and self-designed experiences.

Types of Honors Experiences

Honors Seminars

Three-credit hour, interdisciplinary courses designed by faculty to engage students in special topics. All seminars are open to UHP students from all disciplines. We typically offer 10-12 honors seminars each fall and spring semester. Typically, 3-5 of those include study tours each fall and spring. In summer, we typically offer 1-3 honors seminars. 

Pre-Approved Experiences

Co-curricular programs and other opportunities approved by the University Honors Program that include the key elements of honors experiences - engagement in experiential learning, ongoing and summative reflection, and integration of learning.

Self-Designed Experiences

Individual projects proposed by students. Students take the responsibility to develop their own experiential learning opportunity based on their own interests and goals. Students work with an advisor who has expertise in the area of their choice and identify academic resources as a foundation to plan their experience and reflection process.

The UHP Community

The UHP community comprises faculty, staff, student leaders, and partners on campus, in the Cincinnati community, and around the globe. Together, we help students excel academically and become strong leaders, innovators, and explorers who engage in their professional fields and communities to make a positive impact on the world. They represent a wide range of interests, experiences, and diverse perspectives, and they welcome the challenge of a richer, deeper college experience.

UHP Database

This is where current students can track their progress in University Honors and submit self-designed experience materials.