HNRS 1010: Gateway to the UHP

Students in classroom raising hands

Gateway to University Honors (HNRS1010) is a one-credit hour course that all University Honors students are required to take during their first semester in the program.

Gateway to University Honors provides students with an understanding of what it means to be a member of the University Honors Program (UHP) and the requirements and benefits of their participation. Each student will create their own pathway through the UHP and will begin to explore that in this class. Additionally, students will learn how to deepen their learning through reflection and engage in learning around who they are.

Through a series of activities, assignments, and discussions, students who actively participate in this course will:

  • Navigate the University Honors Program and campus resources to maximize learning opportunities.
  • Identify personal strengths and areas for growth.
  • Identify interests/passions to actively pursue through experiential learning during their time at UC. 
  • Articulate the significance of experiences and integration of learning through reflection.
  • Engage in critical reflection to deepen learning and integrate that learning across experiences.
  • Develop meaningful connections with members of the honors community.
  • Explore what the development of students as global citizen scholars means to them.

Registration Information

Gateway to University Honors (HNRS1010) does NOT carry a fee for full-time students. If the student is taking the maximum number of credit hours (18), they can still enroll in this class without being charged additional tuition fees. Students who are already at 18 credit hours must receive authorization from their college academic advisor to register for the 19th credit hour. Please contact your college advising office to find out how to receive this authorization.

Student Quotes

“[This class] made me realize that the UHP was about much more than academics; the "experience" aspect is INCREDIBLY important to being a well-rounded person and the fact that the UHP focuses on that much more than the academic aspect is really great.”
"I feel like the most valuable aspect was the reflecting we did, on ourselves, our environment, honors, experiences, modern day topics, etc. to be aware of ourselves and the world happening around us."
“The most valuable aspect of the University Honors course for me was that it gave me the opportunity to take time to reflect on myself and my goals. This was really important for me because it has helped me realize my passion and set a direction for my next 4-5 years at UC.”