Students gathered around a table for a Tales of Resilience session, engaging in shared storytelling

Application & Experience Timeline


No prior experience with D&D is required to participate! Although applications are open to everyone within UHP, we particularly encourage first and second-year students to apply, as many of the themes connect to individuals transitioning into a University environment, as well as making sense of what they want from their time as a student.

Application Details

  • The Spring 2024 application will open on December 1 and close on December 21.
  • The Summer 2024 application will open on April 1 and close on April 21. 
  • The Fall 2024 application will open on July 23 and close on August 12. 
  • Applicants will be notified of their status within 2-3 days of the application close date. 
  • An initial Zoom Orientation will occur the week before the semester begins
  • If you are interested in applying in the future, please look out for announcements in the Honors Newsletter!

Experience Timeline

Before the semester begins

  • Upon acceptance to the program, begin research and consideration of character goal
  • Design character miniature on Hero Forge website and save .stl file. 
  • Meet virtually (1hr) to set mutual expectations, review safety tools, and further develop character

Weeks 1 - 15 of semester

  • Sessions 1-15 of the story, followed by post-session debrief (3hrs each)
  • Self-guided research and refections of both personal goal and character development (1hr)

Monthly progress assessments

  • Virtual discussion and group reflection of the story and themes thus far (1hr each)

Weeks 14-15 of semester

  • Synthesizing the experience and presentaton prep (2hrs)

Finals Week

  • Presentations: sharing your experience with the group (2.5hrs)

Tales of Resilience Application

Players will assume the role of first-year students admitted to this competitive institution. The internal and external pressures they face will force them to grapple with their own mental and emotional well-being like never before. And as they adjust to life on campus, a looming threat gathers in the shadows. Will they be able to navigate their academic and personal responsibilities, all while untangling a sinister mystery?

The application is competitive. Please make sure you thoughtfully respond to the short answer questions. We estimate it will take 15 minutes or less to complete.