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University Honors Program experiences fall within one of five competencies: community engagement, creativity, global studies, leadership, and research. Individuals engaged in the community, exploring cultures domestically and internationally, honing their leadership skills and creating new knowledge are gaining the skills and experiences necessary to become innovators who will change the world. Through engagement in experiences that enhance students' understanding of the competencies, they will reflect upon their growth and learning. As a result, they will refine their passions and determine how they will use their gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.

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During your time at UC, you will engage with specific groups of people and communities —defined by interest, affiliation or geographic location. When you choose communities where you will actively participate, you are embarking on a vital component of the university experience that will continue throughout life. You will develop a stronger sense of self by remaining informed of social issues and contributing to a collective vision for the common good.

Creativity empowers you to view the world with your imagination. By exploring current or historical thoughts or methods, you can develop tools or perspectives to see opportunities to apply new thoughts. You may also embark upon something truly innovative in concept or production.  The value of your creative work also depends upon your articulation of its effectiveness and impact in observing the world, identifying problems, or developing solutions.

As the world becomes more internationally connected, it is important to engage across various cultures with an appreciation for multiple perspectives and identities. You will gain a stronger understanding of your own background and develop a sense of respect and empathy for others. As a result, you will be better prepared to address global issues and contribute to the improvement of international understanding.

As a leader, you will engage in a relational process that involves creating a shared vision, developing goals, and motivating individuals or groups towards achievement. You will increase your awareness of personal strengths and areas for growth while developing the skills necessary to establish collaborative relationships. You will learn to lead with integrity and seek opportunities to improve society.

Research can take many forms and spans every discipline, but it starts with identifying a question, idea, theory, problem, or hypothesis. You will learn how to design questions, test multiple methods to seek answers, share what you have learned, and articulate possible implications. Your research should expand knowledge, improve understanding, and contribute to a community of scholars.