Year in Review example Claire Minton

The UHP's annual Year-in-Review reflection requirement is your opportunity to reflect upon your goals from the previous year as well as all that you've experienced and learned, and to identify new and/or continuing goals for the upcoming year. 

You will choose one of the prompts listed below for your Year-in-Review reflection. You will have already reflected on individual honors experiences in your learning portfolio. Your Year-in-Review is a place to integrate that learning across experiences (inclusive of honors as well as other experiences), connect the dots, and to look at the big picture of your goals and your academic and professional trajectory. 

Your annual Year-in-Review reflection is a required component of your UHP learning portfolio and of remaining in the UHP.

Year-in-Review Prompts: Choose One

  • What is your definition of a global citizen scholar and how has it changed throughout your time in UHP? Using specific examples, how have you made progress toward becoming one this year? Discuss how this connects to and continues to influence your academic and professional goals.
  • What complex problem or social issue was most significant to you this year and why? How did you go about learning more? What are your goals and next steps around this complex problem or social issue?
  • What specific experiences (honors or otherwise) in the past year have had the most impact on your personal, academic, or professional goals and life trajectory? Which future experiences will further encourage this growth? Please articulate specific academic and/or professional goals for the next year.
  • In what way(s) did you personally grow this year? How did you demonstrate or rebuild the resilience needed to move forward? How will you utilize resources and your support network to hold yourself accountable in continuing this growth?

When is this due each year and how do I submit it?

  • June 5th. You should create your new Year-in-Review every year between the end of the spring semester and June 5th. 
  • Your Year-in-Review should be included in your UHP learning portfolio. You also have the option of keeping it private by password protecting your learning portfolio or sending it directly to your advisor. Please feel free to take this option to keep it private. 
  • Your honors advisor will check for completion and give personalized feedback during the annual progress reviews. 
  • Your final Year-in-Review is always due the summer prior to graduation.

Year-in-Review Format

We encourage students to use the format that is most comfortable to them. Here are some examples:  

  • 3-5 minute video reflection
  • Original art work, music, or performance with a brief written summary of its significance
  • 3-5 minute TED Talk or similar (examples: https://www.tedxcincinnati.com/)
  • 400-600 word written reflection
  • Something else entirely - we encourage you to be creative! 
  • If in doubt, check with your honors advisor

Important Considerations

  • Keep in mind that if you use multimedia or original art work for your Year-in-Review, basic descriptions or supporting explanations need to accompany your creativity.
  • Consider your audience along the way, and make sure that a reviewer can come away with a well-defined sense of your learning and growth over the last year.
  • Please check that all links are marked as public and do not need permission to view.