Fall 2024 Honors Seminars

Students pose for a picture by the water in Iceland.

Study Tours

Upcoming Study Tours
Course No. Title Instructor Day/Time Location(s) BoK
HIST3096 A Global History of WWII: Ideology, Culture, and Politics Zalar, Jeff MW 2:30-3:50pm UK and France DC HP SCE
JOUR2050 Travel Writing in Iceland Wohlfarth, Jenny Wednesdays 3:35-6:20pm Iceland DC SCE SE


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Upcoming Seminars
Course No. Title Instructor Class # Day/Time BoK
BIOL3060/ ENGL3160 When Breath Becomes Air: Dying Well

Culley, Theresa

Anderson, Lora

14702/ 14172 Tu Th 2:00-3:20pm NS, SCE, SE
ENGL3002 Re-Imagining Academic Research & Writing: Subversive Storytelling as Resistance Rubinsky, Leah 13862 Tu Th 9:30-10:50am HU
ENGR3016 From Autonomous Cars to the Jetsons: Designing the Future of Transportation

Kowalczyk, Bryan

Robledo, Alejandro

21673 M W
5:00-6:30pm at Digital Futures, 
Students can use the
UC shuttle for DF
ENVE3000/ EVST3000 Borrowing the Earth from Our Children: Climate Change

Lu, Mingming

Jacobs, Teri

21621/ 21626 M W F 10:10-11:05am SCE, NS, SE
FILM3018/ DMC3018 Decolonial Game Design

Torner, Evan

Bettocchi, Eliane

21450/ 22461 W F 12:30-1:50pm DEI, HU
GEOL3095/ PHIL3095 Dinosaurs, Dragons, & Dogma

Biener, Zvi

Miller, Joshua

18834/ 18831


Th 2:00-4:50pm HU, NS
INTR3053 Food Injustice & Chronic Disease: An Older Global Pandemic Varghai, Houman 15904

Tu 12:45-3:10pm

(will meet on Medical campus) 

INTR3091 Global Social Innovation: Think Globally, Act Locally Bradley, Aaron 13881 Tu Th 2:00-3:20pm SCE, TI
MEDS3051 Underserved & Global Public Health Mersha, Tesfaye 22077 Tu Th 3:30-4:50pm SCE, SS
MGMT3009/ ORGL3009 Bennis Leadership Accelerator 

Lewis, Marianne

Chrobot-Mason, Donna



Tu Th 9:30-10:50am SCE
MTEN3013 From Soda Cans to Smart Phones: How It's Made Paz y Puente, Ashley 21421 M W F 10:10-11:05am QR, TI
PHIL3085 Ethics and Inquiry in the Public Sphere

Jacquart, Melissa

Cullison, Andrew

18818 Tu Th 9:30-10:50am SCE, HU
SPAN3034 Cinema and Society in Revolutionary Cuba Valladares-Ruiz, Patricia 21658 Tu 2:00-3:20pm DC HU