Cole Hutchins

Cole Hutchins Portrait

My UHP experience in five words

Full of very exciting opportunities

Why UHP is for me

UHP has allowed me to pursue many passions of mine as well as find others. I have taken courses I never would have known existed, made connections that ended up becoming amazing job opportunities, and made a lot of friends.

Advice for anyone interested in UHP 

Ask any ambassador about it! They'll be happy to talk to you about their experiences and any questions you might have.

An honors experience I’ll never forget

My Bitcoin to Blockchain class was my favorite class I have ever taken. It was a combination of a great professor, an extremely interesting class concept, and a very diverse set of classmates. The class helped me to explore concepts from different angles and to appreciate different perspectives.

What my future holds

After my fifth year, I initially hope to stay close to Cincinnati and work as a software developer. After a few years, I hope to work remotely and travel often. I CO-OPed in Michigan as a result of a UHP connection and Michigan greatly grew my interest in travel.

Cole Hutchins at concert