2022 Co-op Report

During academic year 2021-2022, University of Cincinnati's co-op programs maintained a high national ranking of #4 overall and #1 among public universities, according to U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges.

In this period, University of Cincinnati students participated in more than 7,500 co-op experiences and collectively earned more than $75 million.

Number of Paid Co-op Experiences

Paid Co-op Experiences by College or Program at the University of Cincinnati for the 2021-2022 Academic Year
College or Program Number of Paid Experiences
Engineering and Applied Science 3,954
Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) 1,466
Business, full-time 629
Information Technology 585
On-Campus Co-op 370
1819/Cincinnati Innovation District Partners Project-Based Innovation Challenges 340
Business, part-time 283
Service Learning Co-op 182
Arts and Sciences 23
Other 9
TOTAL 7,841

Average Hourly Wages

University of Cincinnati students self-report hourly wages via UC's Professional Assessment and Learning (PAL) database or Handshake. Keep in mind that co-op pay varies by field, industry, geographic location and the student’s level of education and experience. Average wages are reported for the 12-month period ending in April 2022 (Summer 2021, Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters).

Average Hourly Wage for Engineering and Applied Science Co-op Positions by Major
Major Average Hourly Co-op Wage
Aerospace Engineering $18.92
Architectural Engineering $18.53
Biomedical Engineering $18.39
Chemical Engineering $20.87
Civil Engineering $17.66
Computer Engineering $20.46
Computer Science $21.20
Construction Management $17.60
Electrical Engineering $20.57
Electrical Engineering Technology $19.39
Environmental Engineering $17.90
Mechanical Engineering $20.07
Mechanical Engineering Technology $18.49
Average Hourly Wage for Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Co-op Positions by Major
Major Average Hourly Co-op Wage
Bachelor of Science in Architecture $17.22
Fashion Design $14.78
Fine Arts $12.77
Communication Design $17.73
Industrial Design $18.07
Interior Design $17.28
Master of Design $15.60
Master of Community Planning $14.85
Master of Architecture $19.58
Urban Planning $14.62
Average Hourly Wage for Business Co-op Positions by Major
Major Average Hourly Co-op Wage
Accounting $19
Business Analytics $18
Economics $19
Entrepreneurship $15
Finance $17
Industrial Management $18
Information Systems $17
Insurance and Risk Management $17
International Business $17
Marketing $15
Operations Management $17
Real Estate $14
Average Hourly Wage for Information Technology Co-op Positions by Major
Major Average Hourly Co-op Wage
Cybersecurity $17.88
Information Technology (incl. master of science candidates)   $17.47
Average Hourly Wage for Arts and Sciences Co-op Positions by Major
Major Average Hourly Co-op Wage
Liberal Arts, including Communication $13.81
Average Hourly Wage for On-Campus Co-op Positions
Major Average Hourly Co-op Wage
All majors minimum wage to $14