Professional Development

Exploring Professional Paths

PD 1070
Typically offered: fall and spring
Credit hours: 3
Recommended for first-year students.

This course is designed to help students explore interests and develop professional goals. Students will engage in personal exploration and develop professional development tools such as a resume, cover letter, and interview skills. Students will gain access to internship search resources and personnel.

Career Readiness for the Liberal Arts & Sciences

PD 1170
Typically offered: spring semester
Credit hours: 1
Recommended for first-year students in Arts & Sciences.
Pre-requisite: MLTI 1019

This course is designed to support students who have identified their strengths and transferable skills related to their program of study, who want to sharpen their career focus and develop insight into where they are going professionally.

Professionalism and Purpose

PD 2070/2170
Typically offered: fall and spring
Credit hours: 2-3
Recommended for second- and third-year students in Arts & Sciences.

This course is designed to help students apply classroom knowledge and experiences in the pursuit of professional experience. You will learn practical skills and gain access to high-touch resources to help with you search for a meaningful, paid internship. You will develop a robust resume and cover letter, create a detailed LinkedIn profile, practice interviewing, study professional behaviors and attitudes that every employer values, and more.

PD 2170, Professionalism for the Major, covers the same content as PD 2070 but is tailored to students in a particular major.

Internship Reflection Course

INT 3001-3074

This is an online reflection course intended to deepen your internship experience. Students set goals and reflect on their experiences so they can articulate their growth and learning. Students can take the course more than once.